Laura Ingraham’s Comments About LeBron Made Michael Rapaport Lose It

Conservative Fox news anchor and Trump groupie Laura Ingraham played herself by going at LeBron and Kevin Durant, and shes still suffering for it.

War of words between LeBron James and Laura Ingraham

The NBA star took issue with the Fox News host’s “shut up and dribble” comment.

Actor and film producer Michael Rapaports initial response to Ingrahams offensive, racist and ridiculous rant and decree for LeBron James to shut up and dribble is rough with the language and insults. Lets just say that rapping Rapaport held no punches, disregarded all political correctness and went in viciously on Ingraham, criticizing everything from her face to her body to her teeth to her hair to her skin complexion.  

I guess he was using his words to relay how deeply and emotionally scarred people of color get when being subjected to such commentary attempting to tear down our heroes. He tweeted it out on Feb. 18 and pinned it to the top in case anyone missed it. He put it on his IG account as well. 

MichaelRapaport on Twitter

Apologizing to all the women I’m sure this may offend but this had to be done. Please forgive me Shut up & Dribble? Laura Ingraham is a true stunt

While we dont condone the language he used or any misogynistic or offensive terms he may have referred to, its good to see a non-person of color be offended by these divisive comments and to speak out so passionately against vitriol that only divides the country and attempts to belittle people of color who are giants in the world and contribute in ways that uplift society. 

Rapaport, a diehard New York Knicks fan, is no LeBron James fan and has been extremely critical of the worlds greatest player ever since James shunned the Knicks to go to Miami and form a Super Team back in 2011. In this instance, however, Rapaport chose to defend The King because Ingraham’s comments were just too inflammatory and offensive to an entire generation of people of all races to ignore.  And he put Bron’s legacy as it extends beyond the court, in proper perspective.

MichaelRapaport on Twitter

LeBron James is a King. @TheHerd @KingJames

A more reserved Rapaport appeared on the Colin Cowherd show this week on FS1 and he clarified his anger and his comments in response to Ingrahams attempt to clown the comments that LBJ and Kevin Durant made regarding race and President Trump in an Uber ride with ESPN personality Cari Champion. 

MichaelRapaport on Twitter

When they go low, I go lower. Shut up & Dribble? @TheHerd @ColinCowherd @KDTrey5 @KingJames #DisruptiveBehavior

Of course, James responded by saying he wouldn’t just shut up and dribble. 

LeBron James responds to Fox News: ‘I will not just shut up and dribble’ | ESPN

LeBron James responds to Fox News at his 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend news conference, saying he will not just shut up and dribble.

With the exception of a small, greedy, evil faction, we all agree that the world is better for it. 

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