Lamar Odom Breaks His Silence Following Tumultuous Offseason

Ever since Lamar Odom left the Lakers, he's had a difficult time with his life. He didn't fit in with the Dallas Mavs, who ended up shelving him for the season. Though he's been looking around for work and received some interest, notably from the Lakers again, Odom's offseason hasn't really been about basketball.

Rumors hit the internet that Odom went missing after a crack binge which were later disproven after a few days. Odom reportedly did have a drug problem and went to rehab. Of course, being married to a Kardashian, the whole thing blew up.

Odom kept silent throughout the ordeal, but finally spoke out after his father blamed his problems on the Kardasian family. Lamar has a different opinion of what the problem really is.