‘No One Wants To See The Wolves Leave Minneapolis, But, You Know, It’s Business’ | Kevin Garnett Thinks Alex Rodriguez Will Move Timberwolves To Seattle

Back in March, Kevin Garnett, the greatest player in Minnesota Timberwolves franchise history, attempted to purchase the team with a group of investors. T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor has always claimed that KG and his group never made an offer, which “The Big Ticket” adamantly rebuffs.

“So just got news that this process of trying to acquire the TWOLVES IS OVER for me and my group. “Thanx Glen for being yourself and what I know you to be!!! GOOD LUCK and all the best with WHAT WE BUILT.”

Rocky Relationship 

It’s no secret that Taylor and KG don’t have the best relationship, as Taylor made comments about his former star player tanking in his final season prior to being dealt to the Celtics in 2008.

According to a 2017 TSL article, “When Garnett returned to Minnesota toward the end of his career a big part of it had to do with his relationship with (former head coach) Flip Saunders. However, when Saunders died in the fall of 2015, Garnett felt the organization didn’t honor Saunders correctly in a brief 2016 ceremony.”

He let the world know about it and didn’t stop there.


A-Rod & Marc Lore Chosen As New Ownership Group

In April, Taylor agreed to sell the NBA franchise to former MLB great Alex Rodriguez and former Wal-Mart e-commerce chief executive Marc Lore.

The tandem signed an agreement to partial ownership with a pathway to controlling ownership of both the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA.

Taylor will stay on until 2023, and then Rodriguez’s group will assume the controlling role. One key stipulation of the current agreement for ownership is that the team remains in Minneapolis. But Taylor only mentioned that publicly and didn’t make it a requirement for sale, leaving the door open for a possible relocation.

Seattle Hasn’t Had A Team Since Sonics Left For OKC In 2008

In 2008, after 41 seasons in the “Emerald City,” the Seattle SuperSonics relocated to Oklahoma City. The city has been craving for another franchise ever since.

A thriving sports city that possesses a Super-Bowl winning Seahawks team, the Seattle Mariners (MLB), four-time WNBA title winning Storm and a two-time MLS Cup winning soccer team should be at the top of any list for an NBA expansion franchise.

With a brand new NHL franchise (Seattle Kraken) launched and the renovations to the old Key Arena, now called Climate Pledge Arena, the rumors of a hoops franchise returning to the steps of Mount Rainier are picking up steam.

A-Rod Has Ties To The Emerald City

A-Rod played seven All-Star-caliber seasons for the Seattle Mariners and still spends a lot of his time there. Reports have suggested that he wants to move the team there as well. When Minnesota was purchased there were reports that Rodriguez wanted Garnett involved with the team. KG, however, says he hasn’t heard from the group since they made the purchase.

KG also dropped a minor bombshell about a potential franchise move to the “Emerald City.”

“I actually have been hearing whispers that A-Rod is actually going to move the team to Seattle,” KG told The New York Times. “So we’ll see. I don’t know.”
“No one wants to see the Wolves leave Minneapolis,” he continued, “but, you know, it’s business. I would never want the Timberwolves to leave Minneapolis and Minnesota. I think that team means a lot to that state.”

Rumors of a move to Seattle began back in June shortly after the purchase. Garnett understands the league’s desire to get basketball back in the largest Pacific Northwest city and its preference that the Timberwolves remain in Minnesota.

“If I have a dream, I would say that I would love to be able to go and buy the Seattle SuperSonics and reactivate the Pacific Northwest,” KG said. “Seattle was huge to our league. I would love to be able to do that. That’s what’s up. If there’s one thing I could do tomorrow, it would be that.”



Finally, a T-Wolves relocation would be complicated for the Lynx, as the Storm are already Seattle’s NBA franchise. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out when A-Rod and Lore take over controlling interest. It appears as if they want to shake things up.

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