Kevin Durant Speaks For First Time Since Injury 

The Golden State Warriors have struggled to score, having been held to less than 90 points twice since Kevin Durant went down with a knee injury. Fans have been panicking and eager to hear from Durant himself, and he obviously felt like it was time to give everyone a lift and some positive vibes about his situation.  

He spoke to the media prior to his team’s loss last night to the Boston Celtics.

Durant said he thought hed have to go through a long rehab process, but he was informed it wasnt that serious. He says he was prepared for any diagnosis.

I had a boo-boo playing basketball. It could be a lot worse, Durant said. Its nothing to be concerned about.

When asked about his time frame for a return Durant said, Whenever my body tells me I’ll be ready to play thats when I’ll be ready to play. I had a great day today and look forward to having a great day tomorrow. Thats what Im thinking about at this point.

Durant has already had three foot surgeries, but didnt have to get surgery on his knee this time, so hes counting his blessings, as are the Warriors.

Let everybody else freak out and panic, Golden State coach Steve Kerr said, and keep your head down and keep working and things will work out.

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