Kevin Durant Gets His Twitter Accounts Mixed Up While Defending Himself

    Is Kevin Durant really out here making dummy Twitter accounts so that he can defend his honor against social media attacks by folks who are still salty that he left OKC to help Golden State become a Super Team and win the franchises second NBA title in three years ? 

    It kind of looks that way. Durant has no shortage of fans as he is one of the most celebrated and popular players in the league. But according to, he recently made a blunder on Twitter, which reveals that he may be using alternate accounts to put in good words for himself.

    1-1 / 1-1 on Twitter

    KD has secret accounts that he uses to defend himself and forgot to switch to them when he was replying to this guy I’m actually speechless

    Another theory is that his social media team were the ones who responded to the initial tweet, which explains why the statements were made addressing him as a third person.

    SportsShitNoOneSays on Twitter

    @harrisonmc15 Clearly his social guy messing up. KD roasts people all the time on Twitter, he doesn’t care what y’all think

    In any event, too much time is spent going back and forth on social media with irrelevant tweeters. KD should know that people are just preying and waiting for celebrities to do anything that they can ridicule, criticize or get a huge kick out of.

     This situation is surely one of them and some fans didnt cut the 2017 NBA Finals MVP any slack.  

    Gray Bear on Twitter


    KD is yet to respond to the accusations.  

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