Kevin Durant And Dwyane Wade Up The Ante On The Heat, Thunder Rivalry

You can tell summer has been evicted from the premises when Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade start venomously tweeting towards one another. The competitive juices are flowing and these cats are ready to go at it on the court and trade baskets.

On Tuesday, they traded shots at each other on Twitterand Instagram over something as frivolous as Sports Illustrated's Top 10 Player Rankings. After Durant peeped Dwyane Wade in SI's Top 10, he opined in an interview with CineSport that he'd rather see his former teammate James Harden in that slot.

Wade took exception and posted a personal reminder to himself on social media.

It's refreshing to see a handwritten note these days. Durant came right back with a short, succinct tweet.

The two have yet to take their versatile social media war to Facebook or Vine yet, but that's not what the people want to see anyways. Wade is feeling surly because he can sense himself getting passed by the next generation and Durant has been bitter since the Heat clubbed his Thunder upside the head in a 4-1 NBA Finals victory. Wow, guess they really do have nightmares about each other. This won't be settled oline though. Until it is, the big winner here is clearly Gatorade.