KD, Westbrook’s Personal History Fuels The NBA’s Best Rivalry

If the basketball Gods blessed us with an NBA playoff series, it would be for OKC to play the Golden State Warriors in every round. 

Russell Westbrook lives to play Kevin Durant and when he goes head up with the former teammate who abandoned him to chip chase with Steph Curry, Russ usually explodes with emotion and serious numbers.  

Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook HEATED, Have To Be Pulled Apart

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook get into it and have to be pulled apart during the Warriors vs Thunder game! My Twitter * https://twitter.com/FruitHoopsNBA About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada.

Every dunk, every aggressive drive, every jumper, every defensive stand is personal. The emotion is high and Russ mouth is running at 100. Westbrook is already the games best competitor and the guy MJ most likens to himself. Westbrook still plays with an 80 and 90s reckless abandon and nasty court demeanor. 

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant Exchange Words

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The 2017 NBA MVP is a hardwood vampire starving to take opponents souls every night. He doesnt have an entourage of NBA buddies that you see him rolling deep with on the town. More like, the executioner is coming to your town.   

When Westbrook and Durant meet, it brings out the best in both players and you can feel the disdain Russ still harbors for Durant. 

On Wednesday night they met for the fourth and final time in this regular season. Westbrook dropped 44 points and 16 rebounds, but his teammates didnt share his passion. Durant was beasting in his own right and dropped 34 points to lead a compromised Golden State team to a 111-107 win. 

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The @warriors hit their free throws and hang on! GSW goes into OKC and win it over @okcthunder 111-107! Durant: 34 PTS, 10 REB, 4 AST Klay Thompson: 20 PTS #DubNation Westbrook: 44 PTS, 16 REB, 6 AST

Westbrook washed Golden State by himself in the first two meetings this season, but by the third encounter, Durant understood that he cant treat battles with Westbrook like regular games. They are personal. Two seasons later and Russ still cant let it go. Armed with more talent,  he’s formed his own Big Three with Paul George and an aging but effective Carmelo Anthony. Durant has to be on point because Russ is coming for his dome on every play and would love to meet Dub Nation in the Western Conference Finals. 

The two teams split the season series at 2-2 and every time Westbrook beats Golden State he pops champagne like he won the championship. 

If these teams meet in the playoffs – especially without Steph Curry present — the games should be highly engaging. We know that there will be no love lost between them. You will get the purest and most competitive series because theres ill will there which creates another level of effort, potential drama, and fan interest. 

Russell Westbrook Trash Talk VS Kevin Durant:”You Fucked Up,Bro”KD Just laughs

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If Westbrook has a chance to knock Durant out of the playoffs hes going to leave everything on the floor and then some. Its just what the NBA needs. The predictability of the league has gotten a bit stale and its time for a major playoff upset. It doesnt have to be Dikembe Mutombo and Denver upsetting the Seattle Supersonics in ’94, but having a team other than Cleveland and Golden State in the Finals for the first time in three seasons would be refreshing for the league and create all-out wars on the court, none more genuinely adversarial than Westbrook versus Durant. 

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