Katt Williams Is On One… Again.

Say goodbye to Katt Williams because he has officially gone off the deep end with a brick tied to his foot.

According to TMZ, he led police on a motorized tricycle chase in downtown Sacramento. While evading police he nearly hit several pedestrians then took off his helmet and yelled, “I’m not going to stop.”

Williams now faces the possibility of felony evasion.

Good grief, Charlie Brown. If this doesn’t sound like a drug-induced situation, I don’t know what does. In her recent piece on Williams’ erratic behavior, Kelley L. Carter mentions that the blogger community believes he could be on cocaine.

Folks who say Williams can’t recover from this and his other public moments of rage, obviously haven’t watched Richard Pryor standups. Often comedians turn their pain into laughter for the masses. It seems semi-therapeutic. Let’s just hope that Williams makes it through this OK, so we can all laugh about it in Pimp Chronicles 16.

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