Kanye West Picks A Twitter Fight With Jimmy Kimmel Over Nonsense

    Kanye West is an all-time great music entertainer, but some of what he chooses to stand for can be head-scratching. 

    A perfect example would be the latest beef Kanye's got with Jimmy Kimmel, after the late-night talk show host had a child actor reenact parts of an interview West did with BBC. Kanye didn't take too kindly to it, and even called Kimmel demanding a public apology. 

    After that, we got this peculiar Twitter rant.






    Check his timeline because it's really out of sight. How could a guy this famous and this brilliant be touched by a Kimmel spoof. The guy's way bigger than that, and it's not like he doesn't know it. Kimmel said Kanye was on the phone calling himself 'Pac (further than a stretch). 

    Someone needs to pull Kanye to the side on this one, but he doesn't even have the mind to be embarrassed.