Kanye West Is Getting More Childish Day By Day

Hip-Hop’s Benjamin Button has routinely behaved like a spoiled teenager, but this weekend his act degenerated to full-blown toddler stage as he lashed out at Jigga and his new tour mate Justin Timberlake.

At this stage of his career, Kanye West is living vicariously through Kim’s womb. There’s no other way to explain his increasingly childish and erratic behavior over in London.

On Saturday, West began lining up his predictable hit list of verbal targets. In a ten-minute span, West detailed his hate for business people, his not giving a f**k about anything the president says and rambled about having never won a Grammy against a white person.

However, things got a bit more curious when West began throwing shade on the upcoming collabo tour featuring Jay and Timberlake.

“Creativity fuels everything,” he began, before taking on the Grammys, corporate sponsorships and J.T. and Hova’s new single, “Suit and Tie.” — Complex.com


A few minutes later, West took a more direct shot at JT and Jay-Z. “I got nothing but love for Hov, but I ain’t … with that ‘Suit and Tie,' ” West told the Hammersmith Apollo audience.


However, his slap at ‘Suit and Tie’ shouldn’t come as a surprise. Kimye is expecting a girl soon but last month West started rocking a skirt.

West considers himself a younger brother to Jay-Z but and he’s had some rough experiences therefore, watching him up performing on The Grammy’s on stage with Grammy darling Timberlake may have sparked some post-Grammy PTSD age regression.

West’s Grammy experiences have been less than memorable in the past. Three years ago, he became a target of the Commander-In-Chief after charging the stage and ripping the mic from Taylor Swift.

In his second night at the Hammersmith, West found himself lashing out at the production crew and the crowd. Towards the end of a set, West angrily spiked his mic so hard that it ricocheted off the floor and nailed a fan in the shoulder.

On the brink of fatherhood, West was supposed to be maturing instead of regressing. Instead, he's seemingly another temper tantrum away from reinserting his umbilical cord.

What is surprising is his decision to bite the hand that once fed him. A more accurate description of Jay and Kanye's relationship would be foster son and legal guardian than sibling rivalry. As for Kimye, It’s a real problem when Ray-J’s jumpoff comes off as the mature one in the relationship. Yeezy, needs to have another come-to-J-Hova moment.

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