Kanye West And Will Smith Have Been Kicking It In The Studio

Kanye West and Will Smith are an odd pairing. One drops N-bombs on SNL and the other was one of the cleanest artists alive. While West is dark and brooding, Smith exudes positivity. Conspiracy theorists put Connect-Four West with the Illuminati, but Smith seems too nice to get involved with all that mess. Scientology is allegedly his deal. You get the point. They're different. Essentially, they're hip-hop's Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy. However, according to Smith, the pair have been hanging out in the recording studio. Most likely, the only thing to come out of this will be future movie roles for Kimye's kid.

Via Vulture:

Will Smith, who spent some time with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Brazil earlier this year, says Kanye has been "pushing" him a little during some recent studio hangouts. "I might get the bug," Smith tells a reporter at an After Earth junket, seeming not exactly psyched to be talking about anything other than his film career. "I'm not gonna do it unless I'm truly inspired."


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