Kanye’s Punch and Pay Predicament

    Kanye West and his kung fu fightin’ ways have landed him in a tenuous situation once again. Last week, we reported that West had punched a 18-year-old man in the mouth after the individual allegedly berated his fiancée Kim Kardashian calling her a “nigger lover.” The incident reportedly occurred in the waiting room of a Los Angeles chiropractor’s waiting room on Jan 14. The New York Post is reporting that the unidentified male was initially scheduled to meet with the Beverly Hills Police department but canceled to negotiate directly with Kanye’s representatives instead.  Being the scum that he is, the dirt bag is giving West the opportunity to rectify the situation for the humble fee of several hundred thousand dollars.

    Perhaps Kanye should’ve seen the setup coming. This would not be the first time he decided to beat troubling matters with his own hands. West is also dealing with charges stemming from an incident in 2013 where he is alleged to have manhandled a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport and plead not guilty to charges of battery and grand larceny back in November.  Now, he’s currently under investigation for misdemeanor battery as a result of this most recent racially provoked incident. And obviously, if he doesn’t pay up, to jail he’ll likely go.

    According to reports, Kim Kardashian was alone on the streets of Beverly Hills with paparazzi not far behind. The man reportedly offered to help her initially but went off when Kardashian reprimanded him for using the N-word to describe photographers. He then reportedly followed her while hurling insults like “stupid slut” and “nigger lover” in her direction, and which point she called for West and his flying fists of fury.

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    A source was quoted by the New York Post as saying the lunatic “fan” was violent:  ''He threatened to hit her. He said, 'I bet I could beat you'.

    ''She's tiny, and if someone is following you screaming, 'Slut! Nigger lover!’ You don't know if you're dealing with an insane person who will go postal and hurt you. She was so upset, she was crying.''

    For everyday people, immediate retaliation in the way West handled the situation would normally result in immediate incarceration unless proper legal representation was available. However when you’re banking like West, whose album Yeezus is nominated for two Grammys, money talks.  The idea of celebrities running around punching people in the face without repercussion is somewhat disheartening, but the man certainly had it coming. If your lady is fearing for her life and calls you, what are you going to do? Call the cops or call the dogs?