Kanye Accused of Beating Down 18-Year-Old Over Racist Comments

    While it is obvious that not every black person represents or is responsible for how the world looks at all others of African descent, high profile entertainers of color whose faces are plastered across the front pages of periodicals, magazines and Internet news portals – because of their incessant shenanigans – can make the average, intelligent African American instinctively cringe. When we read that Kanye West was involved in a yet another dust up on Monday, a classic snarky Shadow League headline was already in the works.  But, upon further review, it looks like I might have to back West up on this point. Here's the story:

    According to CBS, West is a suspect in a misdemeanor battery assault case in Beverly Hills, California. The alleged incident happened Monday near Wilshire Blvd around noon. According to reports, Kanye left the scene before police arrived. West is accused of attacking an 18-year-old who allegedly held the door for Kim. Helping her avoid paparazzi, the man in question apparently said, “Fuck these faggot-ass niggers." Kim is said to have reprimanded the man for using the N word. In which he replied, “Fuck you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up nigger lover, stupid slut.” Minutes later, Kanye is accused of rushing in and punching the fool in the face with Kim screaming, “We have it all on tape!”

    As an individual in the media, I have witnessed the sometimes unsavory methods used by photographers in order to get a reaction. But, imagine my surprise when it was revealed the victim wasn’t even a photographer?

    The Shadow League (TSL) does not condone violence. TSL is all about the Dr. Martin Luther King method. But I, for one, am not conflicted here. Because no matter how you feel about Kanye, or the mother of his child, any man hurling such comments at a woman has to expect some kind of get back, right? Perhaps this is indicative of people getting their First Amendment Rights all twisted. Yes, you have freedom of speech in the United States. Was he black or white? Moot point. 

    There is no such thing as freedom from the repercussions of free speech.  Are we a civilized society? Well, yes and no. I know one thing for certain, most men reading this article would have acted in the same way as Kanye. Reports keep mentioning this guy is 18-years-old and saying he is a teenager to indicate his youthfulness. However, 18-years-old is grown in most parts of the world.  If you’re old enough to come out your face and be foul, you’re old enough to get punched in your goddamn mouth…punk. In my opinion, of course.