“Just Doesn’t Work That Way Regardless Of What You Learned In Your Fast”| Ryan Clark, Eric Mangini Fed Up With Aaron Rodgers’ Thirst For Attention

It’s once again that time of year where the future of the Green Bay Packers and NFL is held hostage by the reigning and four-time NFL MVP

As the NFL world awaits his decision on whether he will remain a Green Bay Packer, Aaron Rodgers posted a cryptic message via his Instagram. The message read like a goodbye letter to his close friends and teammates for the only football family he’s known in his soon-to-be Hall of Fame career.

But ESPN personality Ryan Clark isn’t for any of the antics. He discussed his displeasure with Rodgers on “Get Up” with co-host Mike Greenberg.

“Greenie, I’m not doing this with, y’all man. I’m not. I did it for seven months last season, and then he showed up to frickin’ training camp on the first day with a Kevin from The Office shirt on. You know, I had just got into The Office like a year ago, so I was excited about it. But I was upset that y’all made me try to decipher everything that Rodgers was doing the entire offseason. I think Aaron Rodgers understands this.”

Rodgers has the media completely on edge with his every move. Same as last offseason.  He craves the attention and the control he has over the Packers. It’s something he seems to enjoy, toying with them until ultimately deciding to show up and lead the team again. 

And Clark is tired of talking about it. His boy Domonique Foxworth already took Mr. “Discount Double Check” to task in December for playing the victim. Clark is fed up with the theatrics. 

“Now I think he understands that he finds himself intelligent. He finds himself very engaging. And you know why he finds himself engaging? Because every time he does something, we dummies engage, and this is just another time that we’re doing that because we know that there’s uncertainty in his future or, at least, he’s made us believe that there’s uncertainty in his future. He knows if he does something like this, it’s going to be talked about.”

Former NY Jets head coach Eric Mangini said Rodgers can’t have it 100 percent how he wants it at everyone else’s expense.

“…He’s going to want more money” Mangini said on Wednesday’s episode of “First Things First.”
” And I think a lot of those issues were about money and (Packers) are almost $50M over the cap. Then he’s going to want them to keep everybody. Then he’s going to want them to get free agents. You can’t have all the things you want and expect it to go smoothly. It just doesn’t work that way regardless of what you learned in your fast.”

Mangini was referring to a 12-day medical cleanse called “Panchakarma” that Rodgers recently underwent while trying to figure out his next Zen move. It’s an ancient and holistic system of medicine practiced in India.

Both analysts seem fed up with Rodgers’ Green Bay saga.

Clark explained how Rodgers loves to control the narrative on his football future as a master manipulator of media. He keeps the fans guessing. He feeds off the energy that sports talk gives him daily. It injects life into what Rodgers is doing and causes him to stretch things out even more.


“Dude is not stupid at all,” Clark isaid. “He’s also now become, somewhat, of a media darling. Whether it’s because you love him or you hate to hear him, we all listen. Right now, Aaron Rodgers is controlling the narrative as he did for much of last offseason. He also got an opportunity to control a little bit of his future, which is why we’re talking about it right now. No one knows what the dude is thinking. No one knows what the dude is doing.”

Rodgers’ decision could come at any moment; he’s been a weekly guest on “The Pat McAfee Show” all season, and some believe he may make a decision there at some point.

Rodgers Talks About Why He Made Instagram Post:

During his weekly guest appearance on the show Tuesday, Rodgers talked about a bevy of subjects, one being the cryptic post. In the post, he thanked teammates, friends, coaches and folks in his life who have helped him along his path. He also says he doesn’t really think about things like that before he makes a post of that nature.

“I don’t think about that before I post something like that. And I think unless you’ve gone through certain experiences and had frustration and been near the bottom and then get near the top and understand beauty in life. I think that’s — then you might say things about that’s a cryptic message. I mean, there’s nothing cryptic about gratitude. I just came out of a 12-day cleanse where you’re eating this specific diet. And you’re going through treatments every day. And you don’t really do anything else. You got kind of everything else off and so you know, you’re not working out, you’re not straining. It’s kind of a re-centering. And not only heals you physically, but I think it takes away mental stress. And then the spiritual part, I think, allows you to kind of enjoy the mediations a little bit more.”

Rodgers’ appearance didn’t bring any real insight concerning his future plans. The appearance on the show revealed some things about Rodgers as a person and how he thinks. He’s saying one thing, while doing the total opposite. He always thinks he’s the smartest jock in the room. The Packers and the NFL deserve some sort of decision about Rodgers sooner than later. No one wants to see or hear another seven months of this daily, so let’s hope he makes a decision one way or the other. It’s imperative for all parties involved.


In his career, Rodgers has accomplished every individual accolade one could imagine, but having just one SB win is what most can’t seem to figure out. He hasn’t played on Super Sunday since 2010-11, despite having numerous chances while coming up empty.

To some, his act is getting old.

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