‘You Are Not 50 Cent’| Domonique Foxworth Sends A Message To Joe Burrow As Bengals QB Prepares For L.A. Rams Pass Rush 

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow’s defense isn’t the stoutest, but neither is his offensive line. He’s been sacked 12 times this postseason and was the most-sacked QB in the NFL this season, hitting the dirt 51 times in 17 games.

The fact that he was able to overcome these deficiencies and still make it to the Super Bowl is amazing, and the “Get Up” crew was split on whether he can survive being sacked nine times in the Super Bowl and still win. 

Could Burrow’s uncanny knack for the dramatic and making clutch plays overcome the Rams’ pass rush, which led the NFL in pass rush win rate this season?

Joe Burrow Leads Bengals To First AFC Championship Game Since 1988 | He’s Got The Juice

Analyst Sam Ocho pointed to the AFC divisional round win over the Tennessee Titans, in which Burrow was sacked nine times. Burrow also had five games during the regular season in which he was sacked on at least five occasions. He keeps winning despite all of this. 

Domonique Foxworth responded using a play from his “Power Book”; an interesting analogy to explain why the thought of Burrow winning a Super Bowl game in which he is under constant duress is absurd.  

“The idea that Joe Burrow can get sacked nine time and win is outrageous. It reminds me of 50 Cent. 50 Cent got shot nine times… amazing marketing. But no one is out here saying, ‘You know what, I want to launch a rap career, let me go get shot nine times.’
 It’s the same thing we’re asking of Joe Burrow. It happened once. That’s called an aberration. You are not 50 Cent. You are not going to have a long and luxurious career as an actor and producer, just because you got shot nine times. Many men have wished death upon him, and they will see it if they can’t block Von Miller and Aaron Donald, trust me. Get out of here with this wish strategy.”

50 Cent has the pulse of Black Hollywood right now, so it’s no surprise that Foxworth, who is known for his pop culture and hip-hop references, threw in a Curtis Jackson reference to describe Joe Burrow’s heroics.

Plus, with Burrow, the hip-hop references are official, because he’s a huge fan of the culture. 


50 Cent overcame the greatest of odds, trudging through the underworld of gangsta rap and the street life and elevating to a Hollywood mogul with multiple hit shows running simultaneously, globally. 

Burrow was always the underdog and he had to scrape and scratch his way to becoming a starter in college and then he took a lot of blows last season (season-ending injury) and more this season with an offensive line that often fails to keep him upright. But to Foxworth’s point, whether it’s nine shots to the body or nine sacks, the person withstanding that level of abuse is unlikely to come out on the winning end. 

Then again, Burrow’s been shocking the world. So much that they are now comparing him to a young Tom Brady. That’s the ultimate underdog story. Sixth-round draft pick to the GOAT. 

Co-host Sam Ocho puts Burrow in that rarified air, reminding everyone that generational talents do once-in-a-lifetime things that the average person only talks and dreams about. 

  “50 Cent got shot 9 times and we’re still talking about him,” Ocho reasoned. “Joe Burrow got sacked nine times, yet we’re still talking about him.”

If Burrow can withstand the L.A. Rams pass rush on Super Sunday, then he needs to just follow that up with the album. Or an appearance on one of the “Power Book”- series. He could be Tommy’s longlost cousin or something. Sunday will pretty much determine everything.

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