Judge Rejects Meek Mill’s Request To Reconsider Sentence

Everything was all good just a few weeks ago for rap superstar Meek Mill. It appeared as if Phillys finest was coming home at least on bail in regards to the ridiculous 2 to 4 years hes facing for minor probation violations that include failing a drug test and doing pop-a-wheelies in the streets. 

In March, the Philadelphia District Attorneys Office submitted a filing to Mills lawyers stating that there is a strong showing of likelihood of his conviction being reversed, in whole or in part. 

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Philly DA’s Office: “Strong” likelihood #MeekMill’s conviction will be reversed https://t.co/W66tOkYKwY

This came after retired Philadelphia Police Officer Reginald Graham was accused of lying about Mills 2007 arrest. As the facts of the case started trickling in, it was uncovered that Grahams name was on a DA’s office list of crooked cops. It also became very obvious early on, that Mill was being railroaded by the Pennsylvania judicial system and questions about Judge Genece E. Brinkleys ethics involving the case. 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf even supported a review of the case based on latest findings.  

Most thought Mills troubles were ending, but apparently, Phillys court system and a stubborn Judge Brinkley don’t want to let Meek off that easily. According to Meeks lawyer Joe Tacopina, who was extremely optimistic a month ago, despite those new developments, Brinkley refused to listen or reconsider Mill’s sentence. 

She’s out to bury the young man. 

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They did to @MeekMill what they’ve done to young black men and women and people of color forever. Read #FreeMeekMill in @RollingStone and see how crooked and racist the criminal justice system is. https://t.co/5Fy8LyijRa #Justice4Meek

“The DA came out with the position last week that (Mill) should not be in jail because his conviction is likely to be overturned,” Meeks legal team said last month. “We then sent a letter to Judge Brinkley asking to at least get him out on bail. She hasn’t even responded. She’s not being responsive at all. It’s just what she does.”

Tacopina had requested in late March that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania boot Brinkley over her “bias andunusual personal interest” in the case.

In her decision Monday, Brinkley vehemently denied allegations of crossing professional boundaries with Mill, including claims that she once requested he re-record a Boyz II Men song and give her a shout-out, and that she once tried to get him to change management companies.

“This bald allegation has no basis in reality,” Brinkley said. “There is zero evidence to support this claim,” she wrote of the song request. “The court has repeatedly told Defendant that he cannot demand special treatment just because he has chosen to be an entertainer.”

Brinkley also accused Mill and his team of “fabricating” claims that the FBI was investigating his case. Mills is in a bad spot with a judge who obviously is trying to protect her fading integrity by further burying the rap heavy hitter. 

What once appeared to be a closed case is only getting messier and Meek Mill and his career is paying the price. So until justice is served, #FreeMeekMill.

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