Josh Smith Thinks Dwight Howard Will Stay in LA

A few hours before Kobe Bryant yammed on Josh Smith, the Hawk forward was asked about his friend, Atlanta-native Dwight Howard.

Smoove, who was linked to several teams at the trade deadline with nothing materializing, is expected to leave Atlanta this summer when his contract runs out. Howard has been connected to his hometown for the last few seasons, with Hawk fans hoping the Smith-to-Howard ATL connection might bring glory to Atlanta. According to Smith, they probably won't get either.

“I can’t pick his brain and be in his head but to me, I don’t see him going anywhere,” Smith said before the Lakers hosted the Hawks at Staples Center. “It would be a shock to me.”


“Dwight is a loyal athlete and loyal person,” Smith said. “He’s not a quitter and doesn’t run from situations. That’s why I believe with this franchise and the way he’s talked so well about it, I can’t see him going anywhere.”

This is not really that surprising. Though the Dwight drama won't be over until he puts pen to paper, the safe bet is that Superman II is in LA to stay.



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