Josh Gordon Made 10K Per Month Hustling Chronic In College

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is finally eligible to play in his first game since 2014 on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. His well-chronicled battle with the chronic has kept one of the games most prolific receivers sidelined for much of his career. He has been suspended from the NFL for the past two years due to multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.

Now on the verge of his conditional return, Gordon admitted to dealing drugs during his college days at Baylor in an interview with Ben Baskin of Sports Illustrated.

Gordon said he would receive up to six pounds of marijuana each week through the mail and estimated he made “upward of $10,000” per month from selling it in cities around the state of Texas, including Dallas and Austin.

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Josh Gordon managed to land a basketball scholarship to a private high school, but he got kicked out in the 10th grade. From there he joined a gang and sold drugs to feed himself

A college football player hustling some weed on the side is not news breaking. The amount of money he was making each month might make some folks raise an eyebrow because he was a college student, but the money is still considered small time in the larger scheme of cannabis trafficking. 

He didnt quite reach Nino Brown status at Baylor, but Gordon was definitely making some nice pocket money. Dont ask me how this helps Gordon in any way, but for some reason he felt that he needed to divulge this information. It certainly doesnt raise his public profile or change the opinion that some people hold that he should never play in the NFL again. 

It does give some insight into how deep Gordon was involved in marijuana and why it has been so difficult for him to stop using it. Hes cost himself millions of dollars already and instead of getting back in the league and putting the sess stories behind him, Gordon blesses his reintroduction into the NFL by boasting about selling illegal narcotics. He can’t even avoid referencing his cannabis adventures in an interview. Gordon just doesn’t make anyone feel confident that he will be able to lay off the ganja this time, but we wish him the best.   

Gordon did tell Baskin about a change of heart he had over the summer, a new perspective on things. 

Josh Gordon’s 94-yard TD reception

Baylor’s Josh Gordon scores on a 94-yard touchdown reception against Kansas.

“If I was willing to go to any length to [get a fix],” said Gordon, who in 2013, his sophomore season in the NFL, led everybody in receiving yards and was a first-team All-Pro selection with a limitless future. “Then at what point am I going to go to any length to get something positive for me?” asked Gordon, who has only played five games since that season. 

Hopefully Gordons divulging of such information is a way of purging himself of all past troubles and starting a new beginning without the hassles and demons of his weed lifestyle and addiction causing him to once again drop the ball on what will be the last chance for him to salvage his NFL career.  

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