Jordan Poole Attributes Struggles To Role Change, Not Draymond Green Punch Heard ’Round The World, But Why Would He Ever Admit That? Nobody Cared When It Happened

The Golden State Warriors bowed out of the 2023 NBA playoffs with a hard-fought six-game loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. In the series the Warriors struggled to get consistent play from anyone other than superstar Steph Curry. One key piece who played a huge role in the team’s 2022 championship run was Jordan Poole, the dynamic combo guard who’s capable of huge scoring nights as a starter or off the bench. 

That wasn’t the case this season, as Poole, who had his moments, struggled to consistently make the impact he made in 2021-22. Poole attributes his struggles and subsequent inconsistent play to a change of roles from a scorer to more of a facilitator.

Most believe it stems from the video prior to the season that leaked where teammate and team leader Draymond Green decked Poole with a punch during a disagreement. That moment seemed to fester all season for the up-and-down Warriors, and Friday night in Tinseltown it all came to an end. 

Following Friday’s season-ending loss, Poole and his teammates didn’t have much to say. But during his exit interview on Saturday Poole, a hero in the team’s 2022 championship, talked about how he intends to “grow from” his struggles this past season following a change in his role. 

Poole Attributes Struggles To Role Change

Last season Poole’s job was to hunt shots and score at will, while creating for others at times. This season with a healthy Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in the fold, that role changed to more of a distributor and facilitator, and for the most part Poole struggled mightily. 

In his exit interview Poole addressed that change and how it affected him. 

“Last season I could come in and score, be aggressive with the team we had around,” Poole said. “Being more of a facilitator. Trying to get them easy shots. … Everything won’t be the same. Like I said, you learn from that, grow from that, and apply your skill set.”

Poole Lost His Edge Despite Signing Huge Extension In Offseason 

As a reward for his stellar play in 2021-22, the Warriors signed the former Michigan standout to a four-year, $128M extension. Part of Poole’s persona and player makeup is the edge and passion he normally plays with, and that just wasn’t there most nights. 

“I always play with an edge. Play with a chip on my shoulder. Finding ways to get better, and not necessarily proving people wrong but just knowing what I’m capable of and trying to reach that night in and night out.”

In 2021-22 with both Steph Curry and Klay Thompson out for stretches, Poole started 51 games and played well. He started 43 games this season, playing roughly 30 minutes per night. Poole still averaged 20.4 points per game but saw his efficiency dip to lows of 43 percent from the field, 33 percent from three and 87 percent from the free throw line. Point blank, efficiency wasn’t Poole’s strength this season, and it hurt the Warriors hopes for a repeat.

This is a curcial offseason for Poole and the Warriors, as they have a ton of questions that need to answered going forward.

Green has already proclaimed that the Warriors will be back. The free agent says that the dynasty is not dead, btu who knows if he’s a part of the team’s plans going forward.

But the biggest one may be what to do with Poole as he begins that new massive deal he signed in October. 

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