“No I Wasn’t” | Draymond Green’s Son Calls Him Out For Stretching The Truth About Late Nights In The Gym

When the defending champion Golden State Warriors head into a May 10 must-win Game 5 against the Los Angeles Lakers heading, one player who’ll go a long way in determining the outcome is Draymond Green.

Known as the loud, loquacious and often over-the-top emotional leader of the Warriors’ four-championship dynasty, Green is often heard talking an awful lot — albeit on the court, in postgame pressers and even on TNT as a special in-season analyst.

Green is also a dad of three, Draymond Jamal, Kyla and Cash, and he often brings his young children to the podium following games, and that’s what he did after the Warriors’ Game 2 victory. While at the podium, Green began to elaborate on having his children around while he plays in the NBA, but then he stretched the truth. 

Son DJ Calls Dad Out For Apparent Fib

Green also talked about his preparation prior to Game 2, and that’s where things got dicey. 

“Last night I was in the gym. He was there with me,” Green said, as he tapped his son, DJ, on the head. “They love that. 

DJ’s face said it all and then his mouth followed with a …

“No I wasn’t.” 

And all Draymond could do was smile and try to move on to something else concerning his children. 

It’s no different than LeBron saying he reads books, but is always on the first page when pictured. Or players in general just cappin’ or lying because it’ll make social media or become a story. In the words of the late great Tupac Shakur, it’s “All Eyez On Me” culture, and athletes seem to enjoy it. 

Green Thanks Warriors For Freedom To Have Children Around

Gone are the days of Doc Rivers telling Tim Duncan his family couldn’t fly on team flights sometimes.

That’s the reason Duncan didn’t sign with the Magic and join Grant Hill in 2000. So for Green, seeing the Warriors allow children in and around the facility is something he doesn’t take for granted, even if his junior bust him out for lying at the podium.

“We miss so much time with our kids,” he said. “I think that’s every working parent; it’s not just as basketball players. You have an obligation to provide for your child. 

“When you’re able to share these moments with them, it’s special. I’ll look back at some of these pictures, I’ll look back at some of these interviews and moments, and you just really appreciate them.

“And I’m always thankful to the Warriors organization and the NBA as a whole because they don’t have to allow our kids to be up here.”

Green hopes there are many more trips to the podium this season, but if that is to happen, he and his Warriors teammates will have to muster up some real grit and tenacity to extend the series. He will however have to tighten up his stories because kids will always call you out on an embellishment or straight fabrication.

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