John Singleton’s Fam Disputes His Condition As Major Deal Looms

A power struggle ensues over John Singleton’s condition.

Today, the entire entertainment industry is on bent knee in humble prayer in beseeching a higher power to spare the life of a beloved filmmaker since it was reported John Singleton had slipped into a coma after suffering what has been described as a “mild stroke stroke” on April 17.

But family strife over control has already seeped into the public eye.

Sheila White, Singleton’s mother, reportedly filed papers in a Los Angeles court on Thursday in her request for conservatorship.

According to reports, Mr. Singleton was involved in several business deals and was set to sign a lucrative settlement agreement.

The New York Times reports that if Ms. White fails in her attempt to become conservator on her son’s behalf, Singleton could loss a substantial amount of money if it doesn’t happen around the end of April.

Here’s what we know so far.

The Boyz N the Hood icon is fighting for his life as his family fights for control of his business affairs.

His mother is seeking to become temporary conservator because she believes he is in a coma, but several of his children dispute that, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The 51-year old was hospitalized after having the stroke on April 17 and has been in a coma ICU at a Los Angeles area hospital. At the time, the severity of his condition was not known to the general public. Instead, the family statement simply stated he was “under great medical care.”

The native son of South Central is one of the most accomplished black directors with a dozen films and TV series, with the FX crime drama “Snowfall” being his next gritty, sincere look into the mythos and reality of life below Wilshire Blvd.

His mother also made the request because her son hadn’t signed any health care directives or taken any power of attorney precautions.

Now, here’s the rub, every conservator request must include documentation from a doctor attesting to Singleton’s state, this request did not state if he is in a coma.

Singleton’s daughter, Cleopatra, disputes her grandmother’s claim that her father is in a coma via an email to the New York Times.

“My father is not in a coma,” Ms. Singleton said. “My father had a stroke on April 17, 2019, and at this point we are optimistic about a full recovery.”

“Myself, several of my siblings, and my father’s father will oppose my grandmother’s application to be appointed my father’s legal conservator,” she continued.

The Shadow League will have more on this as details continue coming in.

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