Jim Turner Is Target of NFL’s Bullying Inquiry

According to multiple media outlets,Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner is a person of interest in the NFL's investigation into Jonathan Martin's locker room harassment. Turner, who has a military background reportedly has a reputation around the league for "bullying" and intimidating his players.

This isn't much of a surprise for junior detectives such as myself. As someone who was raised on Scobby Doo, and seen plenty of twists and turns on Law & Order, NCIS or Matlock for the older generation, it was obvious that the NFL would turn their focus to the Dolphins' Turner. When word leaked that anonymous coaches sicced Incognito on Martin to toughen him up, was there ever any doubt that the offensive line coach was involved? However, football isn't your typical job. You don't get to smack your interns or company manager when you see fit, but you can yell at, cut blockand tackle practice teamers and team captains on a regular basis. this all conjecture though. Whether anything he did crossed the usual lines of football looker room culture or coaching remains to be seen.