Jim Caldwell Is Perfect Choice To Clean Up Mess In Jacksonville | Would Bring Experience, Stability, Leadership To Jags Organization

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in utter disarray following the dismissal of Urban Meyer after just 13 games. In need of some stability and a culture change, some around the league believe veteran head coach Jim Caldwell would be the remedy in Jacksonville. Former NFL player Justin Forsett is one of those who believe Caldwell would be perfect to rebrand the Jags’ culture.

According to sportscasting.com, Forsett played for Caldwell and endorsed the former Indianapolis Colts coach, calling him an “amazing man” and also touting Caldwell’s abilities as a “leader of men.”

“They’ve been through some tough coaches that traditionally can be very tough and hard and don’t have that backing by the locker room and veteran guys in there,” Forsett said in an interview with Sportscasting.com.
“So when you bring a guy like Caldwell in there, you’re setting the standard, and it’s getting back to building an athlete up and not just having a transactional relationship with them.”

Caldwell Has A Very Solid Résumé: Offensive Mind

Last season when the Houston Texans were in search of a head coach to replace Bill O’Brien, the well-respected Caldwell was interviewed. Caldwell is a disciple of Tony Dungy and is about as even-keeled as you’ll find in the business.

Many believed he would’ve been a good choice to continue the growth and development of star QB Deshaun Watson, but the Texans decided against hiring the accomplished Caldwell. Instead they rewarded longtime NFL assistant David Culley, who’d never been a head coach or coordinator until this season.

Sterling Résumé

Sporting a career 62-50 coaching record with the Colts (2009-11) and Lions (2014-17), Caldwell led Peyton Manning’s 2009 Colts to a 14-2 record and a Super Bowl appearance. Unfortunately for the Colts, Indy was upset by the Saints. At one point that season the Colts were 14-0 and flirting with historical perfection.
In Week 16, Caldwell and upper management controversially pulled back on trying to have a perfect regular season by resting his key players, to be healthy for the playoffs. That decision remains a blemish on Caldwell’s 2009 campaign.
Caldwell has won two Super Bowls as offensive coordinator of the 2006 Colts and 2012 Ravens.

Caldwell has experienced a ton of success during his stints as an NFL coach and offensive coordinator. In his nine seasons as either head coach or offensive coordinator he’s led four offenses that ranked in the top 10 in scoring.

2009 – #7
2010 – #4
2012- #10 (Ravens offensive coordinator)
2017 – #7

QB Trevor Lawrence Would Benefit From Someone Like Caldwell

Caldwell’s experience would be invaluable for young Trevor Lawrence. Caldwell has mentored and worked with All-Pro quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco and Matthew Stafford.

This rookie season for Lawrence was pretty much wasted with all the turmoil and drama that has taken place in Duval County, Florida, since Meyer’s hiring and firing. In fact, Lawrence wants to be included in the coaching search, and owner Shad Khan mentioned they’d take his thoughts into consideration.

Caldwell Broke Records With These Quarterbacks

Peyton Manning threw for 29,210 yards, 222 touchdowns and 84 interceptions while completing 65 percent of his passes when Caldwell was his quarterbacks coach from 2002 to 2008, according to Sportscasting.com.
Caldwell was thrust into the OC role with the Ravens late in 2012. He guided Joe Flacco and the Ravens’ offense to a Super Bowl victory. During the run “Joe Cool” threw 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions in playoffs wins over Indy, Denver, New England and San Francisco.
That run led to Flacco getting the bag from Baltimore that offseason.

Stafford and the Lions reached the playoffs twice in Caldwell’s four-year tenure. “Stat Padford,” as some call him, tossed 107 touchdowns and 45 interceptions in those four seasons (2014-17). He never threw more than 13 interceptions during that time frame after averaging 17 per season the three seasons prior to Caldwell’s arrival (2011-13).

Much Like His Mentor Tony Dungy, Caldwell Has An Innate Ability To Connect With Players

Caldwell’s greatest strength has always been his social skills. He easily connects with his players and is known to be very encouraging in his approach, which is something he experienced daily during his time under Tony Dungy. Mike Tomlin, another Dungy mentee, is also similar in the way he builds relationships.

The savvy veteran sideline stalker would be a huge upgrade over Urban Meyer in many areas, but that area specifically. Meyer is still figuring out the art of diplomacy and balancing his power. Meyer struggled mightily to conjure relationships and looked overwhelmed from day one in Jacksonville.

(Photo: @coachjimcaldwell)

In short, Caldwell brings experience and a poise necessary for a rebuilding project such as the Jags. He also brings stability and leadership in that he won’t throw his players and coaches under the bus. Finally he’ll also treat men like men, and hold them accountable for their actions without berating them or publicly embarrassing them as Meyer did.

If Shad Khan is looking for stability he should pull a page from the Houston Astros’ book. the Astros were in the midst of a cheating scandal and firing their manager. They hired a seasoned Dusty Baker, who has spent five decades managing wars in MLB, and the 72-year-old navigated Houston to the World Series. Jim Caldwell is the Dusty Baker that the Jaguars organization needs.

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