Kyler Murray Gifts His Entire Offensive Line Custom Golf Clubs For Christmas

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is making sure the men who protect him have a very Merry Christmas. Murray partnered with True Spec Golf to give each member of the offensive line a custom bag and custom clubs.

In case you’re wondering, that’s all 10 members of the offensive line, starters and reserves.

The bags were embroidered with the player’s last names and jersey numbers. Inside the custom tour staff bags were 13 clubs for each of the players. A driver, woods, irons, and wedges.

Murray and his teammates were seen on the golf simulator working on their swings, and on the practice putting green. Football players are outside the range of the average-sized human, so they need club lengths, grip sizes, and weights to fit their particular needs.

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True Spec rolled out the red carpet and looked to have some fancy liquor on hand as well for Murray and his teammates.

Each bag and set totaled over $5,000.

The tradition of a quarterback buying gifts for his offensive linemen is a long one in the NFL. As we often say quarterbacks get the lion’s share of the credit in team success. But they couldn’t do their jobs effectively without protection.

Running backs that have 2,000 yard seasons or set records have also been known to take care of their offensive linemen. The men in the trenches are the unsung heroes of any good football team.

The other benefit of Murray doing something like this is team camaraderie. The quarterback and his line have to be in sync to have ultimate success. Outings like this during the season give an opportunity to build more camaraderie away from the team facility. Camaraderie that will be needed as the Cardinals head towards the playoffs.

After storming out the gates with a 10-2 record the Cardinals have dropped two in a row, including last week’s loss to the lowly Detroit Lions. This team looked like they were headed to the Super Bowl through 12, and now a deep playoff run might not happen.

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Their defense has started to slip a little over the past couple of weeks, and the performance against the Lions was their worst of the season according to DVOA.

The NFL season is an 18-week grind and the Cardinals are dealing with COVID and injuries. These things tend to happen. But they are trending downward at the wrong time of the season.

No doubt this outing to True Spec Golf was a welcomed getaway from the pressures of football, even if only for a few hours.

The Cardinals finish out the regular season with home games against the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks. In between the two home games is a pivotal road game against the Dallas Cowboys, who are also fighting for a top seed.

Murray and his offensive line need to start turning things around and getting back to the MVP numbers they were producing earlier this season. The calendar will be turning to January soon, and it’s go time.

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