“Jerry Jones Is The Shadow Commissioner Of The National Football League” | Anonymous Agent Says Cowboys Owner Is Roger Goodell’s Puppet Master

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has turned the Cowboys into the most valuable sports franchise in all of sports since he purchased the team in 1989. The Cowboys are currently valued at nearly $8 billion dollars, $7.64 billion to be exact. 

With that type of valuation comes some form of power, which Jones also has. Although it might not be broadcast loudly, most believe he’s the most influential owner in the NFL. In a recent survey given to 26 NFL agents, 16 voted commissioner Roger Goodell as the most powerful and influential person in the league. But Jones also corralled six votes, which is very telling.

One of those anonymous agents went on to say a lot more about Jones’ power in and around the league in an interview with The Athletic published this week.

“Hands down, without a doubt, No. 1, and anyone who says otherwise is an absolute idiot. Jerry Jones is a shadow commissioner of the National Football League. He has made more rain for more owners than any man in the history of professional football in America.”



Jones is a marketing genius and he’s used that guile, wit and shrewd business savvy for the betterment of his Cowboys team. But he’s also played a role in helping the entire league make some big money.

Agent Says Jones Is The Puppet Master: Marketing Genius Is Top-Notch

Jones has been brilliant in his business ventures, with the Cowboys being his prized possession. His work has also helped the rest of the league see big paydays. In turn, the agent says Jones has effectively made Goodell his puppet, and the longtime owner is really the one pulling the strings on business affairs around the league.

“He’s made Roger Goodell his puppet,” the agent continued. “He’s involved intimately in almost every marketing deal that the NFL has done over a billion dollars. And he has brought a windfall to all of these owners.”

What this agent is saying isn’t too farfetched. In a 2017 report it was said that Jones played a role in a helping the Chargers, Raiders and Rams increase revenue by using a hospitality and marketing company he’s part owner of. 

While Jones doesn’t own any of those franchises, his willingness to share his marketing strategies, business plan, gameday experience, from concessions to luxury suites and all the other amenities elevated the bag for these franchises. 

At that time a league official dubbed him the “big-hat bossman.”

While an owner called Jones “the most influential owner in all of sports.”

And that’s really hard to dispute, considering his track record of getting things done and how he keeps the Cowboys relevant although they haven’t played in a Super Bowl or NFC Championship Game since 1995-96.

Jones Quickly Hushed Dallas Mayor’s Talk About Second Team In Dallas

Back in May, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said he believed Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington could house a second NFL franchise. Jones quickly killed than notion with these subtle words.



“Well, I like the mayor. I like him personally, but he doesn’t have the depth. He doesn’t have the knowledge that others have regarding how unique Dallas is and how we enjoy the interest in the Cowboys.

“He wouldn’t want to water that down as it relates to Dallas if he knew as much, and have spent as much time as I have in sports.”

In 1999, Jones gifted the Houston franchise with the name Texans. He owned the rights to the name, and said he felt a “kinship” there. But he wasn’t feeling the mayor’s dream and quelled any hopes from the jump.

If there’s something big happening in the NFL, feel confident that Jones is in the middle of it exercising his power and influencing the situation, often in puppet master fashion.

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