Jay-Z Dropped $110,000 This Weekend Partying

    Everybody knows Jay-Z is rich as heck. We can only imagine how much money he and wife Beyonce spend per year. Jay-Zs weekend bar bill has shown us that hes not frugal at all, especially when celebrating the birthday of a friend. 

    Jay-Z was MIA from the NBA All-Star game, instead choosing to go on a $110,000 spending spree to celebrate the birthday of Juan OG Perez, his homie and president of Roc Nation Sports.

    Page Six on Twitter

    Jay-Z racked up an epic bar tab https://t.co/tf54y8pYxS

     According to Page Six, a group of Roc Nation execs joined Jigga and Perez on an excursion to Zuma in Midtown for dinner. Jay picked up the tab of $13,000.

    Then the group headed uptown to Made in Mexico in Inwood, spending $9,000 on drinks, including Jays DUss cognac, followed by a stop at nearby nightclub Playroom, where even though they were, by this point, down to a group of six they ordered and paid full price for 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne, which is owned by Jay.

    Jay-Z and JD – Money Ain’t a Thang (So So Def 20th Anniversary Live) [2013]


    The rapper turned icon definitely lives the lifestyle of a person who is filthy rich and unconcerned with losing it anytime soon. Its safe to say, daughter Blue Ivy wont be needing a college fund in the future. 

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