Jay Williams Says Draymond Green Is “Unstable” And Slowly Sucking The Joy Out Of Stephen Curry, Who Has Mentally “Checked Out” On His Teammate

Draymond Green is never going to change. There’s not a suspension or counseling session or cost that will keep him from being overly dramatic, very confrontational on the court and a headache for referees. 

Green was suspended and missed 16-games earlier this season for yoking up Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert during a confrontation on the court. He was also ordered to take counseling and proclaimed to have a great conversation with Adam Silver that touched him in some way and set him on the right track. 

At the very least, the league wanted a toned-down version of Green, who was ejected less than four minutes into the game on Wednesday night, for arguing incessantly with the referees. 

ESPN’s Jay Williams joins a growing legion of basketball analysts and media who believes that the Golden State Warriors can no longer depend on Green.

“No, they can’t, he’s unstable,” Williams said on First Take on Thursday. 

“I think that’s honest to say and being transparent. I listen to his podcast, there’s no doubt that he’s super talented and I get what he is on the floor, although that’s starting to get diminishing returns on where he is athletically at this stage in his career where he is on the floor.”

When Green purposely does the most outlandish and uber-aggressive things to referees that’s where he crosses the line. Mixing it up with players in the heat of action is one thing, but players, especially championship veterans like Green should know when to be easy on the refs because it could be detrimental for the team. 

Green’s podcast is another tool that feeds his ego these days and he didn’t waste any time trying to smooth out the public damage he caused by one of his sideshows.

Steph Curry tired Of Draymond’s BS?

Steph Curry, on the other hand, looked more frustrated than usual when Green was ejected. Curry didn’t have the best game shooting, but he did what leaders do and hit two clutch shots late in the game to lift the undermanned Warriors to a 101-93 win over the Orlando Magic. 

“Look at Steph Curry’s face when Draymond is talking to the refs … it looks like the face of somebody who is absolutely exhausted and mentally checked out on Draymond Green. It feels like he is checked out of the situation,” Williams noted.

Golden State’s fighting for its playoff life, and it’s been hard enough for a team that was once perennial title contenders to struggle to find the key to just making the play-in game. Kerr has tried everything from benching Klay Thompson to limiting Curry’s minutes. Draymond Green seems to be the only person in the equation who isn’t making any concessions to try and win. 

“You’re putting them (teammates) in bad situations,” Williams said. “This team is holding on for a tenth spot trying to fight for a position in the play-in tournament and you can’t gather your emotions.” 

Kerr has been on the same podium, giving the same postgame interview about Draymond Green’s antics. The coach accepted the punishment and felt Green deserved it. 

“Too bad it was unfortunate,” Kerr said, his temper obviously soothed by the gritty win. “He deserved it and I hope he’ll bounce back. I’m just proud of the guys for stepping up.”

Draymond Green Damaging Legacy and HOF Shot

And now that his championship legacy will also be attached to being one of the biggest pains in the ass who ever played in the NBA, it seems that as Green’s talents fade he embraces the villain and bully role more and more. 

As much of a team player as Green is credited for being, his tactics don’t work anymore. When he was a cornerstone of a dynastic run of four titles, then the extra baggage he came with was tolerated.

It would be different if Green’s overzealousness and downright rudeness on the court didn’t already result in handing LeBron James his greatest championship moment as an NBA great. Green getting suspended with the Golden State Warriors up 3-1 in the 2016 NBA Finals, led to the first 3-1 comeback in NBA Finals history, marking a gut-wrenching ending to a season that saw them win a record 73 games in the regular season.

He took full accountability for personally damaging the dynasty, but to this day, Curry appears to be a more committed friend than Green, who just creates problems for his boy.

Curry has been carrying a tremendous burden through various injuries, lineup changes and the decline of some key figures, but refuses to throw Green under the bus. 

“We need him,” Curry told reporters. “He knows that. We all know that, so whatever it takes to keep him on the floor and him be available. That’s what’s gonna happen.”

Williams says the fact that Green fully understands that they need him is why it’s hard to give him a pass on everything from sucker punching Jordan Poole in practice to trying to rip Rudy Gobert’s neck off his shoulders; all in the name of being a ride-or-die teammate.  

“He’s a walking contradiction,” Williams added. “So on one end, you’re the protector of your team. You’re the epitome of a teammate. You’re looking out and running to the defense of a teammate. There’s a heightened sense of awareness I get from him all the time when I listen to his podcast, which makes me lean into how special he is. Then when I see him on the court and there’s that alternate personality that comes out.”

Green is fighting for his career and the playoffs, and he has his own way of looking at things. The overwhelming response to his podcast and the attention he gets from media feeds his ego that needs more and more feeding as he ages and his skills erode. It just appears that his actions are ibecoming less aligned with what the real star of the team has going on.

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