Jacksonville Jaguars Player Dawuane Smoot Makes ‘Scary’ Emergency Delivery Of Daughter | Things Are Looking Up For Urban Meyer’s Jags

Things might be turning around for the Jacksonville Jaguars after weeks of terrible losses and a public relations nightmare caused by viral video of head coach Urban Meyer’s dealings with a young woman at his Ohio bar.


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The Jags and Meyer secured their first win of the season on Sunday, 23-20 over the Miami Dolphins. It snapped an 0-5 start for the Jaguars and a 21-game losing streak for the franchise.

There was hope in Jacksonville. The Jags organization was pushed to the brink of destruction and now has new life. 

Doctor Dad 

Jags defensive end Dawuane Smoot contributed two assisted tackles to the huge win. His incredible week didn’t stop there. News of the 26-year-old unexpectedly having to deliver his baby daughter further shifted public sentiment about the organization in turmoil.  

Reports say Ahlani Moon Smoot was delivered by her father at their home in Jacksonville at 4 a.m. Tuesday. According to a news release from the Jaguars, Smoot and his wife, Aumari, were heading out the door to the hospital. At that moment her knees buckled and Smoot had to keep her from falling.

Smoot had to jump into action becasue the baby was coming. He got on the phone with the paramedics and they walked him through the process of delivering the baby and tying the umbilical cord. 

Here’s the 911 Call. 

Smoot, in his fifth NFL season, has 13 career sacks and 74 combined tackles in 62 regular-season games. He tweeted: “The Real Hero Mom-of- the Year @AumariShatwan Thank you for giving birth to our beautiful Daughter in 1 hour!!! #strongwoman”

The family is doing well. Smoot’s father of the year moment was also celebrated by the organization and was the icing on the cake for one of the most positive couple of days in recent Jaguars history. 

Smoot is in his fifth year in the NFL and has 13 career sacks and 74 combined tackles in 62 regular season games.

Details are scarce about the ordeal, but apparently that’s intentional.

Via People.com:

Dawuane’s wife Aumari shared on her own Instagram page that she is “grateful” that her “brave” husband was able to carry out the impromptu delivery. She also thanked the 911 operator who “talked him through the birthing process,” as well as “the medical staff at the hospital once we arrived, and of course God.”
“Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and events that I’m glad to be experiencing with the loves of my life in my husband, son Ahmir, and now our daughter. Thank you everyone for the prayers and reaching out. It truly means a lot,” she concluded. “Have a blessed day.”

Maybe the curse of Urban Meyer is no more. He’s been crucified in the media, and he made it through the storm. There’s no place to go but up for Meyer and the Jags franchise.

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