“It’s Time To Crack The Whip” | Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Wants To Go To Whatever Length To Break Team’s Three-Game Losing Streak

The Green Bay Packers were preseason Super Bowl contenders despite trading All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams this past offseason. While most figured there’d be an adjustment and some growing pains without Adams’ production, with reigning back-to-back MVP Aaron Rodgers at the helm, most assumed everything would be business as usual.

Well, that hasn’t happened, and with Packers sitting at 3-4 and mired in a three-game losing streak, the aforementioned Rodgers is calling for some changes.

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During his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” the four-time NFL MVP had a lot to say. He wants his teammates to take some accountability for bad play and consistently making mistakes.

“You have to be really cognizant of when is the right time to talk and when is the right time to listen. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. There are times to listen and then there are times to where you’ve heard enough. And now it’s that time to really crack the whip a little bit. Could be that time. Could definitely be that time. Could be time to look for a little more opportunities to crack the whip a little bit.”

Rodgers believes the in-game mental mistakes have doubled this season. And he believes those guys who continue to make the same mistakes shouldn’t see the field.

“Guys who are making too many mistakes shouldn’t be playing. Gotta start cutting some reps. Maybe guys aren’t playing, give them a chance.”

In that case, Rodgers would be one of the players to feel the proverbial “whip” that he wants to start cracking. ARod has been erratic this season and on Sunday, he either underthrew or overthrew wide open receivers four to five times in that game alone. It’s been a bit of a theme for Rodgers all season as he tries to get the timing down with his receivers, who have been shaky at best. 

Rodgers Wants Players To Take Ownership: Maybe He Should Adhere To Own Advice

Taking ownership has never been something that Rodgers has been good at, and he’s once again deflecting blame while he collects an incredible payday. With the psychedelic one, it’s everyone else’s fault that the Packers are a game under .500. Not his, not now, not in the past, never. He also should use some better verbiage when criticizing his teammates. 

This is what you get from Rodgers when things aren’t going right. Following last week’s home loss to the Jets, he told reporters that they needed to in his words, “simplify things” on offense. He tried to clean it up saying players need to execute the game plan, which totally contradicts his previous statement.

ESPN Analyst Chris Canty Takes Rodgers To Task For Lack Of Leadership

During a recent episode of ESPN’s “Get Up,” Chris Canty, a former NFL player-turned-analyst, said Rodgers hasn’t taken any accountability for their struggles, instead he’s just pointing out others’ mistakes publicly.

A fired-up Canty had some choice words for Rodgers. 

“Are you the quarterback or are you the head coach? Do your damn job and we can go from there.”

Let’s see if Rodgers actually does that. Don’t hold your breath.

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