Davante Adams Caught A Charge Pushing A Student On His First Day Working “Monday Night Football,” Now There Could Be More Consequences

If NFL players didn’t know that pushing a media or production personnel could come with layered consequences, they know now courtesy of Davante Adams. The Las Vegas Raiders wideout’s emotional or bewildered reaction to a photographer crossing his path earned him a charge.

“[Adams] has been charged with a city ordinance violation, which is a little lower than a state misdemeanor assault charge, per the prosecutor’s office. It carries a fine of $250 to $1K or up to 180 days in jail or both,” reported NFL insider Ian Rappaport.

However, now the student, who was on his first day on the job working as a freelancer for “Monday Night Football,” is talking, and it wasn’t the welcome he expected, but he now knows the meaning of the NFL’s reputation for Hard Knocks. Maintaining his anonymity, he spoke out through his legal counsel.

“What happened was egregiously unsportsmanlike and an act of violence that should not be excused by the NFL,” said Dan Curry with the Brown & Curry Law Firm. “Moreover, it was his first day on the job, which became tedious by the end of the day. The firm also reported that they were reviewing the case at a much deeper level and would evaluate other legalities.”

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of another case potentially dropping. For his part, Adams did issue an apology immediately after the incident.

“Before I answer anything, I want to apologize to the guy, some guy running off the field. He ran and jumped in front of me coming off the field and I bumped into him, and kind of pushed him, and I think he ended up on the ground, so I want to say sorry to him for that,” the Raiders receiver said inside the locker room.

Adams even apologized on Twitter for his reaction and showed remorse, saying that he “felt horrible immediately.” But in the moment, that photographer was the whole Kansas City team getting in his way of a “W” and he threw the notion into the ground. For the Kansas City fans, he will be forever indictable. In fact, a popular Kansas City amusement park, Worlds of Fun, made an announcement that Adams has now been “permanently banned.”


Still, it may mean little to the NFL behind-the-scenes rookie, who complained about whiplash, a headache, and a possible minor concussion. He filed a police report, legally documenting the incident, and his response through his attorney shows that he does not want the potential hate that brings sports idols problems.

However, some in the league are surprised that Adams is being charged at all, namely, his former teammate, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I was surprised,” Rodgers told the media. “I was definitely surprised. I love Davante. I reached out to him after the game. I haven’t seen the clip yet. But, yeah, I was surprised.”

Rodgers clarified further what he was surprised at, and it wasn’t what people expected.

“More the charge,” Rodgers said, perplexed that Adams now had legal ramifications from the action.

Armed with anonymity, Adams’ victim is letting it be known he suffered, and how that will further affect Adams is yet to be seen.

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