“It’s Embarrassing, You’re Better Than That”| Stephen A. Smith Skewers Paul Pierce’s Lifestyle, But Is He Jealous Of Former Celtics Star’s Carefree Life?

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce has been a pretty busy man the past couple of years.

The 2008 NBA Finals MVP has had no shortage of scratch-your-head moments since 2021.

While Pierce’s actions have been funny to some, others find them to be embarrassing, a troubling cry for attention even.

Stephen A. Smith Not Feeling Paul Pierce’s Lifestyle

One of those people who believe it’s embarrassing is ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who called out the former Kansas Jayhawks star for his actions that in his opinion have become a bit of a sideshow. 

During a recent episode of his “The Stephen A. Smith Show” podcast, the host of “First Take” host basically pleaded with Pierce to shape up and stop all the unnecessary stuff. 

“I never enjoy this type of stuff, but I have no choice,” Smith said on his show. “Y’all might find it funny, but I don’t. I find it kind of sad, to be honest with you. You’re a champion. You know the game of basketball. Let me tell you something about Kevin Garnett. He’s serious as a heart attack. The brother takes all work serious. He don’t joke around. He don’t mess around. He don’t shortcuts with anything he does. But that’s his brother, his teammate, his friend, and he ain’t gonna say much on camera. I’d love to know what he said to him off camera, because Garnett ain’t one to tolerate that kind of nonsense.”

Smith Is Speaking Of Pierce’s Rent-A-Girlfriend 

On Friday as the two former Celtics legends and champions prepared to commentate and livestream NBA Finals Game 3, Pierce appeared on the show drunk or inebriated. But what he did next was the real shocker, he introduced his girlfriend for the day to KG who couldn’t help but laugh and look shocked. Pierce says he got her from the rent-a-girlfriend site where you can rent girlfriends daily. 

That’s what SAS is talking about when he said embarrassing and not funny. 

That also comes on the heels of Pierce being fired from ESPN in 2021 for being on Instagram Live with strippers dancing while he and his friends were drinking and smoking. No way that was gonna stand with ESPN being under the Disney umbrella.

But it’s becoming a consistent theme for Pierce as pertains to his actions, and Smith felt it was time to call it out. 

Smith Thinks Pierce Is Damaging His Legacy

Recently named one of the NBA75, Pierce has accolades for days, but Smith believes his actions could affect his status going forward if the 10-time NBA All-Star doesn’t change his ways. 

Pierce isn’t committing any crimes. He’s an adult and has the right to live his life as he sees fit, as long as he’s not infringing on anyone else’s safety. But the buttoned-up, corporate talking head known as Stephen A. is obviously bothered by Pierce’s carefree lifestyle.

“That’s the imagery you want? Stephen A. said. “That’s how you want us to see you, this champion, who was an elite player and scorer? Please stop. You mean too much to the game of basketball, bro. You mean too much to the game of basketball for us to see you like that. And whether he admits it or not, you’re too important. You’re too valuable. You matter too much. We care about you too much to also watch you allow yourself to put Kevin Garnett in that position by acting like that. It’s embarrassing. Come on, bro. You better than that.”

Some may say Smith is overreacting, but he makes some valid points. Let’s see if Pierce adheres or continued his pattern of awkward behavior. 

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