‘Embarrassing’ for Someone Making $205M: Rudy Gobert Missed Game 2, Got Fined $75K For Insulting Refs and Joker Smoked Him For 40

If you look at his total body of work Rudy Gobert can’t be any more clueless, embarrassing and overall disappointing for the Minnesota Timberwolves in this Western Conference semifinals series against the Denver Nuggets.

After the first two games, one of which Gobert missed to attend the birth of his baby boy, Minnesota was in control, and it appeared that Gobert’s dedication to the game wouldn’t be questioned for abandoning his team at such a crucial moment. 

Gobert Misses Game 2 OF WCF To Witness Birth Of Baby Boy

Getting into an argument about dedication to team versus dedication to family is not my objective. He made his choice, and while he received resounding support from the fans and most of his team, there are clearly some basketball personalities that questioned his choice. 

All was forgiven when Minnesota was giving Denver the business. Three games later and Minnesota’s been blitzed by the defending champions, who have won three straight and look to close Anthony Edwards and crew out in Game 6. 

If anything, Minnesota will learn a tough lesson about the focus needed to become champions. You think the superstars of yesterday didn’t want to be present for childbirth and birthday parties? Unfortunately, they were working and had to sacrifice to show their teammates that they were 100 percent invested. 

Minnesota T-Wolves Still Waiting For Gobert To Return

Not only did Gobert bail out on Game 2, but he’s yet to return to the series. Joker elevated his game and has been dominating the four-time Defensive Player of the Year. In Game 5, Joker dropped a 40-piece on Rudy with 0 turnovers, imposing his will on Minnesota. 

“Jokic is embarrassing Rudy Gobert,” Stephen A. Smith said on Wednesday’s “First Take” show.  “Rudy Gobert is getting his ass kicked. Jokic accepting his third league MVP goes out there last night and drops 40 and just did what he wanted.” 

Such a performance doesn’t do much to help Gobert’s case against Shaq and others who have said he’s overrated defensively. The fact that he makes over $40M per season is another poor reflection on Gobert’s lack of dedication to the highest level of excellence.

Gobert fined $75K For Gesture To Refs 

This poor performance comes on the heels of Gobert getting fined $75,000 for again making a money gesture directed toward referees on Monday, insinuating they had money on the game.

He did the same thing back on March 8, which assistant head coach Micah Nori said was “unacceptable.”

Rudy Gobert, who makes over $40M per season, has failed his Minnesota Timberwolves team in several ways during this Western Conference semifinal matchup with the Denver Nuggets. (Photo: Getty Images)

That’s clown behavior. That might be a bit harsh, but there’s no other way to put it. It’s an example of why Minnesota won’t win this series and won’t be winning any championships anytime in the future, despite the ascending greatness of Anthony Edwards. 

The NBA called the move “an inappropriate and unprofessional gesture that questions the integrity of the league and its game officials,” also noting that the fine “takes into account Gobert’s history of improper conduct toward game officials.”

Gobert’s actions also negatively incited the crowd to chants of  “Ref, you suck.”

Rudy Gobert Hurt His Legacy this Series

It’s a bad look for the NBA and T-Wolves, who are trying to take the next step as far as benign championship caliber. They went up 2-0 in a Western Conference semifinal and the entire team started listening to overzealous sports commentators handing them the NBA Championship. 

Gobert acknowledged his mistake, but he owes his team a lot. 

“My reaction, which I think was the truth, but it wasn’t the time to react that way,” he said at the time. “It cost my team the game. It was an immature reaction. It’s not just one call. Everyone makes mistakes, but when it’s over and over and over again, of course it’s frustrating.”

What Gobert does in the rest of this series and how he rebounds from getting run roughshod over by the three-time MVP will affect his legacy for years to come.

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