Perk, Why You So Hard On Rudy Gobert? | “I Showed Up In Big Moments. He Didn’t. That’s Unacceptable”

Kendrick Perkins appeared on Scoop B’s podcast and refused to back down on his scathing criticism of Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert’s defensive performance during these 2024 playoffs, most notably the embarrassing Western Conference finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks. 

Scoop asked Perk straight up: “Perk, why you so hard on Rudy Gobert?”

The 2008 NBA champion and one of the most noticeable voices on ESPN didn’t hesitate to respond. 

“Why not? Why not? I mean, you cannot be going back to France with four DPOY awards after not showing up in the postseason,” Perk said.

Perkins continued: “You don’t need Rudy to be average. Rudy has yet to have a game where we came out and said, ‘Rudy won them that game. He was everywhere” 

Kendrick Perkins Says He Was A Better Postseason Defender Than Rudy Gobert

Perkins is so sure of his take on Gobert that in downing Gobert Perk also confidently elevated himself above the 7-foot-3 rim protector in the annals of NBA history as a clutch playoff defender.

“People thought I was capping,” Perkins added. “I had a better postseason – defensively, career-wise than Rudy. Three times he had seven blocks or more. I had it four times. Even when you are five blocks away. He had three and I had three. So at this point what are we really talking about?” 

“If you go back and watch film. I showed up in big moments, and I was a role player. I didn’t have a DPOY award. I showed up in big moments. He didn’t, man. He didn’t. That’s unacceptable.”

Perkins references the WCF: “I’m watching Daniel Gafford and Dereck Lively block shots. They are so impactful that they have you looking over your shoulder.” 

Kendrick Perkins Says Dallas Mavericks Exposed Gobert

Perk says Kyrie was getting it any way he wanted to, getting in the paint with ease and throwing lobs and doing whatever he wanted.  

“You ain’t breaking up none of them lobs? … You see the lob coming you can’t jump high enough yo (stop one of them)? C’mon, man. … Stop me if I’m lying,” Perk said. 

Comments like these are why the Minnesota Timberwolves didn’t want to go on “Inside the NBA” after a playoff win. Looks like Perk found a permanent whipping boy in Gobert. It’s so bad that Perk thinks he was actually a better playoff performer than the $205M man.

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