‘I’m Not So Sure They Live For That’: Anthony Edwards Tries To Keep T-Wolves Energy Up For Nuggets, But Shannon Sharpe Thinks The Series Is Over

The Nuggets 115-107 victory over the Timberwolves to tie up the Western Conference semifinal series at 2-2, was a reminder to all prisoners of the moment, that you can never underestimate the heart of a champion. 

While Anthony Edwards continued his ascension as one of the game’s elite performers, Denver’s duo of Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray figured out what went wrong the first two games of the series when it appeared they couldn’t chew gum and text message at the same time.  

TSL warned overzealous NBA fans not to jump the gun and anoint Minnesota after the shellacking they delivered to the defending world champs in going up 2-0 in the series. 

While Ant-Man’s youthful bravado and confidence served him well in the first two games, after suffering from these two shocking losses at home, his energy seems to be all the way up. 

But his supporting cast is fading fast. 

Edwards’ 44 points were 29 more than the next closest contributor. Mike Conley had 15 and Karl Anthony-Towns (self-proclaimed “best shooting big man in history”) had a measly 13. 

Anthony Edwards vs. Jamal Murray 

The verbal exchanges between Murray and Edwards have been classic as both are not the type to back down in any situation. They are rim-attackers who can also shoot it. Murray regained his stroke in Game 4, chipping in 19 points, five refunds and eight assists. 

While Murray ended the back and forth when the game ended, Edwards continued in the press conference with a stern warning:  

“I just told his ass we love that. Keep talking about that, that’s what we like. I love it. He ain’t saying nothing back, but I’m pretty sure he heard me. They heard me. We live for that,” Edwards said.

Shannon Sharpe Says Ant-Man Is ’Bout It, Questions His Supporting Cast 

Edwards’ postgame comments prompted ESPN’s “First Take” crew to question whether or not it was a smart move. Shannon Sharpe lets it be known that he has total belief that Ant-Man is ready to attack and that he personally loves writing checks and cashing them. 

Sharpe and co-host Stephen A. Smith were both reluctant to say that the supporting cast of Karl Anthony Towns, Rudy Gobert, Jaden McDaniels and the crew shared Edwards’ enthusiasm. 

“No. You live for that. ” Sharpe said. “I’m not so sure they live for that,” referring to the aforementioned supporting cast.

They also didn’t think the heightened pressure his comments put on a team trying to breakthrough against a formidable foe helped Minnesota in any way. 

Usually, the dog who barks the loudest is most wounded. Edwards wants to keep the energy but the entire momentum of a series that many prematurely felt the T-Wolves had already won, has shifted in Denver’s favor. 

After apologizing to the Denver Nuggets for saying they would get swept after the first two games, Smith added: “We are waiting for the rest of the cats to show up … Karl Anthony-Towns.” 

The Series Is Over For Minnesota Timberwolves

Everybody feels it. Those who have actually watched the NBA for decades know that a 2-0 deficit is not insurmountable, especially when the team that is down is championship caliber and has faced all kinds of adversity. 

“They relaxed. Took a (breath) and that’s all the Nuggets needed,” Sharpe said. “Minnesota might not win another game unless KAT decides to show up.”

There’s levels to this. It’s understandable that most of the young NBA fans — and those tired of the LeBron James and Kevin Durant generation, as well as those who don’t think Denver is an exciting enough team to be top dogs in the league, and those who agree with Shaq and SAS that Shea Gilgeous-Alexander should have won MVP over Joker — want Anthony Edwards to win. 

The Jordan comparisons have elevated his notoriety among the mainstream fans. His ability to pour points in, defend and lead at the age of 22 is also impressive. Reggie Miller and Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Edwards reminded them of legendary guard Dwyane Wade. 

Denver Will Win This Series

Comparisons aside, we will probably have to wait until next season to see Ant-Man take that next step. This series could very well go seven games, but an indisputable fact is that Denver has found its rhythm and is moving like a championship unity. 

Games 3 and 4 were like night and day from Games 1 and 2. Michael Malone deserves great credit for challenging his team at the end of Game 2 and refocusing them for the next five games. 

“I knew Denver would not go away. I picked them in seven games. Hey, they’re the champs for a reason,” Sharpe noted.

Maybe Ant-Man was challenging his team. Planting the seeds for future success. Trying to elevate them to his level through the media. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that he would do such a thing. It’s just probably too little, too late and the Nuggets aren’t at all intimidated by Edwads’ dominance or confidence.

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