“It Would Not Be Charles Barkley” | Steph Curry Chooses Steve Nash And Reggie Miller As Deserving NBA Legends He’d Give One Of His Championship Rings To

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is universally recognized as one the greatest shooters the game has ever seen. He’s also arguably one of the ten greatest players the game has ever seen. In his illustrious career, the former Davidson Wildcats star has broken the three-point record, won two MVPs (unanimous in 2016), and four NBA championships. 

This entire offseason, Curry, like many other NBA players have been seen in numerous places, and he’s been giving tons of interviews. Curry recently made an appearance on “Big Boy TV,” and was asked which ringless NBA great he would be willing to give one of his championships to.

Curry didn’t just that question, he also mentioned whom he wouldn’t give one to.

“It will not be Charles Barkley,” Curry said. “I’d pick Steve Nash. And I’d pick Reggie Miller.”

Why Not Barkley? Why Nash And Miller?

It’s no secret how often Barkley has taken shots at Curry and his teammates over the years. The former NBA legend, who’s an analyst on “Inside The NBA” on TNT, often proclaimed that a team like the Warriors who primarily shoots jump shots would never win a championship.

Well, they’ve won four and played for six titles since those ridiculous claims. 

As to why he’d choose Nash and Miller, probably stems from Nash being one of the better shooters and lead guards the league has ever seen. Also, the way he helped develop Curry in his role as a Warriors on-floor consultant and player development coach in 2015. 

As for Miller, he was once the all-time three-point king until Ray Allen broke his record, and then Curry broke Allen’s in 2021.

Miller himself also carried the small market Indiana Pacers to the brink of a title in 2000 before losing to the Shaq and Kobe-led Lakers.

Warriors Outlook For 2023

As the team tries to capitalize on the twilight of Curry’s career, they’ve added former nemesis Chris Paul in one of the oddest offseason moves. The team also parted ways with talented guard Jordan Poole, who seemed to never shake the punch he endured from teammate Draymond Green in last year’s training camp. 

Is the chance to win titles over? 

Not as long as Wardell Stephen Curry is in the mix. 

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