Isiah Thomas’ Cheurlin Champagne Hits Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart

In celebration of his award-winning champagne, NBA Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Isiah Thomas formally announces Cheurlin Champagne will hit shelves in Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart stores through a national distribution partnership with the country’s leading national retailers throughout the first and second quarters of 2021.

A history maker in his own right, Thomas is pleased to rollout this major evolution during Black History Month in over 320 brick-and-mortar stores nationwide as Cheurlin remains one of the fastest-growing champagnes in the country owned by an African American.

Brought to the United States in 2016, Cheurlin Champagne has grown tremendously through word-of-mouth initiatives and a strong base of loyal fans and supporters of Isiah Thomas, his brand, and his business acumen. In just over five years, Cheurlin has become one of the largest first press of the grape champagnes in the world with zero to low added sugar in all products. Cheurlin is also a consecutive Champagne Producer of the Year award recipient.

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“Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart has become great partners with Cheurlin, and we are honored to work alongside each of these organizations to bring the absolute best products in the industry to their customers. I am profoundly grateful for the support that each of the partners has brought to our products and our team as we expand our reach across the country,” said Thomas, owner and importer, Cheurlin Champagne and Chairman/CEO, ISIAH International LLC.

“For so many years, this moment was just a dream. With the hard work and innovative ideas of our team, partners and countless supporters, we are able to bring Cheurlin Champagne to places we only imagined in 2016.”

Through this expansion with national distributor Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), Cheurlin Champagne now has over 1,500 retail accounts and is available in more than 27 states nationwide.

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The champagne is sold in Meijer, Kroger, Plum Market, Fry’s Supermarket, Rouses Supermarkets, and many other local stores. Cheurlin can be purchased through various e-Commerce retailers such as Thirstie,, and other retailers that deliver the products right to the customers’ door.

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Cheurlin Champagne has collaborated with the National Football League Players Association by conducting a series of events for Super Bowl LIV and many other initiatives.

Cheurlin is the official champagne of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and the Detroit Pistons. Through a partnership with the NBPA, we provide the opportunity for all current 450 NBA players to have an equity stake in Cheurlin Champagne.

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