“I’m Out Three And A Half Million Dollars” | Logan Paul Seemingly Falls Victim To Biggest Scam In Pokemon History

The Paul brothers have been winning in remarkable ways over the last few years. From social media to the boxing world, both Jake and Logan Paul transformed the business in the sports and entertainment world.

However, recently, Logan Paul lost at his favorite passion project: collecting high-value Pokemon cards. On Thursday, Logan claimed that after spending $3.5 million on an unopened set of first-edition Pokémon cards he discovered them to be G.I. Joe cards.

The Pokemon Play

Paul, along with his known card collector friend, Bolillo Lajan San, met with the Baseball Card Exchange in Chicago, where they found out that the cards were fake.

“We all got duped,” said one of the card authenticators after analyzing the boxes.

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The finesse was executed outside the boxes, with the appropriate Pokémon branding. However, once they opened the packaging, there were only green G.I. Joe cards inside. Then authenticators began to find issues with the boxes.

Valueless Memorabilia

“Oh my God, bro, G.I. JOE?? G.I. JOE?!?! It could have been anything else,” said an angry Paul after he opened the first box.

However, the severity of the fraud was apparent once one of the authenticators proclaimed, “this is the biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokémon.”

Logan Paul previously teased the Pokemon investment on social media.

“This story is f**king crazy, and it sucks, and I’m out three and a half million dollars,” said Paul. “I’m a super positive person, bro, and, I’ll always be the one to look at the bright side, and I am trying, but this is very hard.”

Money Reimbursed

However, according to reports, Logan was reimbursed the money that he lost from the botched Pokemon deal.

“I have reimbursed Logan his 3.5. However, we will see how quickly I am made whole from the sellers who brought it to me already authenticated in the coming days, or if it turns into a drawn out scenario,” said Bolillo Lajan San.

Logan recently admitted another loss concerning his unofficial boxing match in June 2021 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

More Losses

The social media influencer and content creator-turned-boxer survived eight rounds with Mayweather, the self-proclaimed “The Best Ever,” or TBE, and former five-weight world champion fighter.

Although there was no technical winner from the mismatch bout, Paul lasted the whole eight rounds and did not get knocked out. Six months later, Logan claimed on social media that he was never paid his fee for the exhibition.

He accused Mayweather of failing to remit payment, although Mayweather has often said that the fight was a “legal bank robbery.”

Expensive Pain

“The dirty little rat hasn’t paid me yet,” Paul wrote. “It’s been six months.”

In the high-stakes world of sports and entertainment, Logan Paul shows you win some, you lose some.

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In the same post where he said Mayweather hadn’t paid him, Paul said he would “make back the money” when his trilogy bout with YouTube rival KSI, which he announced on Jan. 4.

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