Stop It 5! Logan Paul Didn’t Retire Floyd Mayweather

During the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight, fellow YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul espoused a false narrative.

During an interview with Brian Custer on the live broadcast, Logan “The Maverick,” Paul stated that he “retired Floyd Mayweather .” The idea started after the pair held a Miami exhibition on Sunday, June 6th, 2021.


When asked by Custer if he will entertain a professional bout like his younger brother, Jake, Logan said:

“I retired Floyd Mayweather. Dude’s on my highlight reel; I busted his ear drum so yeah, I’m going to be back in a big f**king way.”

As the Paul brothers train gains more steam in the new combat sports entertainment hybrid, their penchant to rewrite the narrative to grow their mythology is apparent.

Mayweather fought the exhibition against Logan Paul and called it a legal bank robbery. He knew coming out of retirement to face the elder Paul would generate enough purse and back end pay-per-view revenue to justify the outing.


The fact that it was a swansong bout for an already retired pro is separate from Logan Paul’s actual performance against him.

Mayweather displayed his typical patient and clinical boxing style, feeling out Paul in the opening round before allowing Paul to come forward with a flurry of power shots at the end of the match that was mostly blocked but excited the crowd nonetheless.

Mayweather began to find a spot to land numerous power shots on Paul’s head and body as the fight wore on.

Despite sustaining punishment in the middle rounds, Paul used his over 30-pound weight advantage to frequently tie Mayweather up and avoid being stopped or sent to the canvas.

As the game evolves around the new hybrid entertainment model the Paul’s are ushering in, widespread consensus must be careful to allow breathing room for falsehoods against pillars who created sustainability in the sport through dedicating their entire lives to it.

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