“I’m Not Even Interested In Doing This Stuff” | Mike Tyson Owed Money From Roy Jones Fight | May Never Box Again

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Mike Tyson wants Triller to show him the money.

On a recent episode of the “Just Send” podcast, Tyson joined UFC President Dana White and kept it real on the payout for his 2020 exhibition against Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson revealed that his purse from the pay-per-view is still not paid in full from then streaming partner Triller. However, the fight generated 1.6 million PPV back in November 2020.

Tyson Wants His Money

The UFC president asked Tyson if he was paid all of his money from the reported $10 million minimum purse.

“Most of it, but there’s still a bunch that’s held up and I can’t even say anything about this. Yeah, it was really tricky,” said Tyson.

White, who has had a notoriously difficult relationship with Triller, weighed in sarcastically.

“Yeah, that’s what they should call it. Tricky instead of Triller.”

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Not So Trill?

As a result, last year Tyson announced that he had broken all ties to Triller. His fight broke the mold in streaming exhibitions, successfully meshing concerts with boxing, and bringing the most considerable visibility for the KO career of Jake Paul.

Earlier this month, Tyson quashed rumors that he was in negotiations for a fight between him and the famous YouTuber-turned-boxer. Paul attempted to spark interest in the fight by posting Tyson on his wish list of future opponents.

He also ran into Tyson in St. Barths, where the two took a pic to add fuel to the speculative fire. However, Tyson is not interested in fighting Paul or anyone else at all.

The Evolution of Tyson

“I’m not even interested in doing this stuff,” said Tyson. “If it was back when it first started, yes, and we were both fighting on the same card and both active, yeah I would do it, but it just turned bad. It didn’t turn out right.”

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Tyson had an illustrious early career as the youngest heavyweight champion ever. However, Tyson’s once cautionary tale has evolved into a spiritual awakening and more purpose-filled life. Tyson has been spreading his newfound gospel of psychedelics and mental health awareness.

Although many will always want to see Tyson fight, long-time supporters like Dana White revealed that they didn’t want to see Tyson fight anymore.

Tyson’s Last Stand

“I know, I don’t think I will [fight] either, but you never know again,” said Tyson. “Every 12 to 13 months, boom, something is missing. Like, something is missing. Boom, I’m missing muscle mass; boom, it’s always something different.

“Guys want to fight me for $100 million. I don’t think I’ll ever do stuff like that anymore. I wanted to do it the first time [against Jones], just for fun, to have fun. Some people took it to another level and made it financial and the fun went out of it.”

Tyson continues to have the same buzz and generate interest around his activities. Now he must decide if financial fails, like what is happening with his remaining purse, will stop his post-retirement athletic career.

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