“Dak Need To Call Up Romo And Talk About How To Read Defenses” | Dez Bryant Goes In, And Tad Prescott Claps Back

The fallout from the Dallas Cowboys’ 23-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL wild card round is raging, and former players have been adding their two cents.

From Hall of Famer “Playmaker” Michael Irvin to Dez Bryant, Cowboys Nation is lending its opinion and pointing the fingers in the process.

The Playmaker’s Take

“There’s no doubt in my mind, with all the things that — and it’s not just him being furious with Mike McCarthy and the disappointing end to the season, it’s also what he should be doing,” Irvin said on 105.3 The Fan on Thursday.

“His job is to evaluate and see if there’s any way we can get better. So, that’s why I said and I’ve been saying on the air… No! Unless I’m sure I can bring in something better — a Sean Payton or Bill Belichick or Kyle Shanahan or Mike Tomlin. But we get emotional. We get emotional and we want someone out. We’re not thinking about the other side of it. Who are we bringing in?”

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The Dallas Cowboys showed promise in the regular season; however, they couldn’t win any playoff games. The wealthiest sports franchise globally, America’s team did not live up to expectations the world sets for them.

For players like Irvin, his frustration stems from player accountability, which is not solely in the hands of the coaches and administration.

Double Trouble

“Dude. Emmitt [Smith] and I stood in that tunnel before every game. We looked at each other. We called ourselves ‘double trouble.’ By land or by air. And we said before we hit the field, if we don’t show up, we got no shot. Period,” Irvin said.

“That’s the whole reason we did that. Because we knew if we didn’t show up, we got no shot. [Against the 49ers, the Cowboys’] stars didn’t show up. We had no shot. Wherever you’ve got disorder, you’ve got dysfunction. We can’t have our stars putting up role-player numbers like 31 yards rushing, or one catch for 21 yards, or a 69 passer rating. Trying to make our role players stars and our stars role players, that’s a disorder, and the team dysfunctioned.”

Dez’s Take

However, former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had some words specifically for Dak Prescott, and his brother Tad Prescott was listening intently.

“Amari Cooper is far from the Problem in Dallas so let’s get that straight…If you really want to keep it a buck…Dak need to call up Romo and talk about how to read Defenses so he can understand the D weaknesses on how to utilize his weapons in certain situations..

“If you know football you know I’m not bashing.. it’s too much talent in Dallas for them not to be playing yesterday or today….”

Romo To The Rescue?

Bryant went on to add that “If cowboys was looking for a new head coach Romo and keep kellen for OC,” further championing Romo as the best solution for Prescott to be led by.

However, Bryant felt the wrath of Prescott’s brother Tad, who felt that Bryant was throwing his superstar brother under the bus.


“because @DezBryant & Romo won so many playoff games together. miss me with this sh*t,” Tad fired back on Twitter.

Bryant defended his opinion, and the epic all Cowboys in-fighting began between the two.

What Would Jerry Jones Do?

With the offseason traditionally being the time when significant shakeups and changes occur for any team, not in the postseason, will Romo be tapped in by Jerry Jones?

Time will tell, and in the interim the Cowboys are giving each other the blues for not meeting the grade of excellence their name implies.

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