‘If You Got Something To Ask Me Besides Trying To Sh*t On Somebody, I’ll Answer Those’ | LeBron James Isn’t Here For The Russell Westbrook Media Slander 

The Lakers have been struggling this season, and if not for the inspired play of LeBron James the franchise would be even further down in the standings.

Bron has the most 30-point games this season in the NBA (20) and has been lauded for his play while teammates, most notably, Russell Westbrook, continue to struggle. Coach Frank Vogel has recently been targeted by social media, and Lakers fans are bugging out.

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Despite the heavy load he’s carrying, Bron is not here for any form of Lakers slander and he let it be known following LA’s 111-104 loss to the Pacers. 

“If it’s not positive for me, it’s not my lane,” said James, after his team surrendered a Pacers franchise record 22 points to Caris LeVert in the fourth quarter. “I’m not a negative person. If you got something to ask me besides trying to sh*t on somebody I’ll answer those.” 

The media and fans have been tough on the Lakers who have been an average team at best, and their record reflects this (22-23, 8th in Western conference). They are also ranked 20th in the league in CBS Sports’ latest NBA Power Rankings. 

According to the publication, coach Frank Vogel was reportedly on the verge of being fired following a blowout loss to the Nuggets to start the week, but an MLK Day victory over the Jazz seemed to delay the inevitable. 

Bron’s unwelcoming response was based on several issues surrounding the Lakers organization right now. Some media reps can be relentless — constantly asking negative questions and trying to goat players into speaking unfavorably about their teammates and head coach. Bron was letting it be known that he isn’t going to answer any questions that include trashing his teammates.

LBJ has been a master at controlling the NBA chess board and being strategic with his movements. In his mind, the season isn’t lost. We aren’t even at the all-star break yet, and the sports community has already written the Lakers’ eulogy. 

As the man who basically constructed this team to his liking and will be tasked with salvaging a season that is quickly unraveling, Bron knows he has to keep a positive attitude and defend his teammates, even if a reporter is asking a reasonable question.

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Bron told everyone that his assemblage of veteran talent was going to work. He spoke about his team construction with confidence, a brashness even.  When the public was skeptical, he chastised them for doubting The King. 

The way things are going, Bron might not want to do postgame interviews at all. Elevating LeBron and bashing his teammates only works for those crafting a narrative to sell. Personally, the four-time NBA champion knows that he needs all of his teammates feeling confident and valued if the Lakers have any chance of turning it around. 

It’s unfortunate that Vogel is in the hot seat, considering he was on top of the world just two seasons ago, leading LA to the 2020 NBA championship. How quickly the tide turns in this age of immediate gratification. Bron remains the toast of Tinseltown, but nobody’s feeling his boys. Westbrook’s been benched, but Bron doesn’t want to talk about it. Vogel’s on the David Blatt plan, but Bron doesn’t want to talk about it.

Let’s not confuse LeBron’s great play with him being locked in on personnel management. If this year was a trial run on the ability of LeBron James as a potential NBA GM, then he needs more seasoning. Problem is, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant aren’t walking through the Crypto Arena doors. Bron’s play on the court has to make up for all of the mistakes that were made while assembling this flawed team. 

The Lakers face a tough upcoming six-game road trip, and Anthony Davis needs to be active and contributing at an All-Star level.

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There’s still time to turn the season around. Bron has no problem discussing it. Just don’t use him to trash his teammates. He’s not playing that game.

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