‘He Chases Stats…’| Draymond Green Blasts Karl-Anthony Towns On Social Media For His Critique Of Russell Westbrook

Even NBA players can fall for clickbait. In the latest internet thing, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green went in on Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns for his critique of Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook as a stat chaser.

Green was angry at Towns for talking about the “bros” and breaking the code of the NBA’s “brotherhood.”

There is a comment that Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid made on Instagram about KAT that many outlets are linking to the Westbrook comments, but we’ve found nothing to support that.

In fact on that same Twitch stream where KAT spoke about Westbrook, he opened up about his relationship with Embiid. The two have feuded online in the past but were good friends in high school and appear to be back on good terms now.

“You know what’s crazy? Last time we played in Philly, I had a good conversation with Embiid, and I think that one of the great things about it was — it’s not great, I won’t say great — but like I meant what I said after. I never want anyone to deal with COVID … We had that one little moment. You know what I’m trying to say? I know my mom was involved, but I never, you know, I never wish that on anyone. Even my worst enemy.
The first thing he told me he’s like, bro, I understand you way better now that I’ve had it and how bad I had it. Like, I can’t sympathize with you enough about your mother, and we just really was talking. You know, we really talk most of the game and we just kind of caught up because we used to be good friends. Especially in high school, so I just I told him like bro, I know this deeper than basketball.
I just told him during the game like whatever happens in this game and anything like I just want you to make sure that you good and you take care of your family. If you need me for anything, just, you got my number. The number ain’t change since we’ve been knowing each other. Hit me.”

This is the internet and people screen grab and Photoshop and do all sorts of things in a matter of seconds and they spread like wildfire.

Anyway, let’s get back to KAT’s Westbrook comments.

Russell Westbrook Makes History Again, Becomes The Triple-Double King

KAT did say Russ goes after stats, but also complimented him. Noting his hard play and how difficult it is to get a triple-double. Let alone average one for an entire season which Russ has done a few times.

As usual there was more context to his comments. But that’s not what draws interest. We all know it.

Russell Westbrook Is A Big Part Of The Lakers’ Struggles | LeBron Is Supporting Russ, But For How Long?

KAT himself even tweeted about his comments making news. Referring to the noise as a “slow news day.”

The reality is Russ does chase stats. Anyone who watches the game knows this. Does he also play extremely hard? Yes. Both things can be, and are true.

But if you’re KAT, you can’t be the one saying things about other players on Twitch. You don’t have the bona fides as a player to do that. Also, the NBA is a brotherhood. In today’s clickbait internet era, don’t get caught out there saying anything that can be misinterpreted.

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