“I For One Am Glad Chuck Is Gone” | Questlove Exposes Allen Iverson’s 10-Point System For Taking Your Girl

Allen Iverson is a one-of-a-kind personality within the NBA.

His exploits are many, from changing the culture of the NBA to a more inclusive one rooted in diversity to his highly quotable statement about “practice.”


Can’t Trust A Man With Two First Names: “Bubba Chuck”

However, now more information about the man known privately as “Bubba Chuck” is coming out from another Philadelphia entertainment star in Questlove. The lead drummer and representative for the Philadelphia hip-hop band The Roots, recently shared his experiences with Iverson and his crew at the games.

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As a former Sixers’ season ticket holder, Questlove developed a relationship with A.I. but quickly realized that he would have to protect his neck against Iverson and his crew when bringing date night to the games.

Allen Iverson’s young O.G. energy translated to “Mr. Steal Your Girl” at that time.

Questlove Keeps It Real

“I for one am glad (Bubba) Chuck is gone, ’cause you can’t bring no dime to my seats at the game without fear of his system being in effect,” Questlove said to S.B. Nation.

“He got a squad of 10,” Questlove opined about Iverson’s group who would scout beautiful women in the stands during “The Answer’s” games. “4 in nosebleed, 4 in lower, 2 on the floor. They work the ENTIRE stadium like a lion seeking whom they may devour.”

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“I swear I’ve seen the DUMBEST doctors bring they lil goomah to the game and let that poor dude run and get a beer or she have to go to the ladies room. Their game is TIGHT son,” Questlove continued. “They roll real quick with business cards, after-party with A.I., and if they have a date it’s all good. Once dropped off to the crib you can dial the number and they will CAR SERVICE you to the location.”

Iverson & The Crew

The famous musician had to keep both eyes open around Iverson and the crew, knowing that they were adept at their strategy in this environment.

“Thank God for respect, but I ain’t dumb,” he said. “A chick come on the floor with me? She ain’t going NOWHERE alone for 2 mins cause these mofos act quick and fast. Every half time his uncles clown me, ‘man you are lucky chuck love yo ass, cause you know we woulda carded her up right?'”

A Legacy Like None Other

Standing just 6 feet tall, Allen Iverson became one of the most lethal scorers in NBA history. While he was frequently the smallest player on the court, he could get anywhere he wanted because of his quickness, strength, and handle.

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Nicknamed “The Answer,” Iverson left Georgetown University following his sophomore season to pursue his NBA dream and showcase his killer crossover. He left an indelible mark on the Philadelphia 76ers in 2001 when he was named regular season MVP and led the franchise to the NBA Finals.

In 17 seasons of professional basketball, A.I. was selected to 11 NBA All-Star rosters, scored more than 24,000 points, dished more than 5,000 assists, and was named an All-NBA performer seven times. He won the regular-season scoring title four times (1999, 2001, 2002, 2005).

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