“He Kicked Everyone Out Of Their Own House” | Gilbert Arenas Says Kobe Bryant Threw Caron Butler Out Of His Own House As The Mamba Legend Grows

Kobe Bryant’s legend grows with every story shared about his prolific time on earth. However, former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas decided to share a story that showed the Mamba’s mentality regarding his safety.

Arenas recently appeared on Vlad TV and revealed a story that showed Bryant’s off-the-court tenacity perfectly. According to Arenas, Kobe attended a party at Caron Butler’s home and made everyone leave the house so that his security could check it out.

The Mamba Security

Bryant disregarded that he was asking the homeowner, Caron Butler, and his family to leave their dwelling; all that mattered was that Team Mamba had secured and sanitized the area for security anomalies.

“I got third-party stories. Like Caron was telling me once about his birthday. He did a party at his house in Milwaukee and he said he invited Kobe. Says my house, got my family, my friends, our teammates, and they said Kobe comes,” Gilbert Arenas said.

“Kobe comes in, and you know he has security. Tell everyone one, ‘Hey, out of the house.’ He kicked everyone out of their own house, and he had a security check to make sure everything was all right, and then they let everyone back in. He [Caron Butler] said, ‘I’m sitting outside looking like, yo, bro, this is my house.’ He [Butler] said that was the way Kobe was.”

Kobe’s Way

Kobe reportedly had a close friendship with Butler, and the two played on the Lakers together, so it is no wonder Butler and his family complied with Kobe’s request. Once the area was deemed safe by Team Mamba, everyone was allowed back inside the residence, and Kobe enjoyed the party.

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The story is a prime example of Kobe’s feverish attention to detail.

Recently, another report came out about the legendary shooting guard, who spent his entire NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant led the team to three consecutive titles alongside Shaquille O’Neal and would win two more championships without him and end his career with a full hand of jewelry.

Philly Dreams?

However, the Lakers legend reportedly wanted to end his career where Philadelphia’s athleticism first took root.

In November, Mike Sielski of The Philadelphia Inquirer revealed that Kobe thought of finishing his career in Philly.

Kobe spent his 20-year tenure with the Lakers, but an insider recently revealed that Kobe could have had different plans to end his career. Being a Philadelphia native, Bryant always wanted to return home and play for the 76ers.

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Cheesesteaks & Basketball

“The Lakers lost to the Sixers that night in Philly. And I asked Kobe after that game if he had given any thoughts of finishing his career with his hometown team,” Mike said during the “I Am Kobe” podcast.

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“He told me, ‘It would be nice to play here. In high school, it’s all I thought about.’”

According to reports, Bryant was close to playing with the Sixers early in his career, too, as the team almost drafted him to create a phenomenal duo with “The Answer” Allen Iverson.

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