“I Think Pat Mahomes Is Definitely Gonna Find A Way To Win More Than Four Championships” | Why Travis Kelce Is Correct About Mahomes Surpassing Joe Montana In SB Wins

Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes already has won two Super Bowl championships, and led the Chiefs to three Super Bowl appearances in just five seasons as the team’s starting quarterback.

Mahomes Has More Super Bowls Coming

At the age of 27, and in the prime of his career, Mahomes could win himself a few more of those Vince Lombardi trophies over the next five to seven seasons.

That’s the exact tone teammate and close friend Travis Kelce is spewing. 

During a recent episode of FanDuels ‘Run It Back’ show, Kelce spoke very highly of his close friend, the team’s quarterback.

Kelce was asked if he believes the Chiefs are a dynasty, and if led by Mahomes, could they reach the four rings acquired by the Golden State Warriors basketball dynasty.

“I would say, yeah, Kansas City has been a dynasty for quite a while now. Obviously, I’m biased to that, but I think what Coach Reid has done since he’s been here in terms of winning, in terms of the playoff runs and all the division championships and the AFC title appearance —then obviously the Super Bowls — we’re 100 percent a dynasty. But when you put it up against what the Warriors have done, obviously we don’t have as many championship right now so we’ve got some work to do.”

Kelce knows it’s never a bad thing when you and your team are being compared to a team that’s won four championships in nine seasons under head coach Steve Kerr, playing in six NBA Finals series. 

Kelce Believes Mahomes Will Surpass Joe Cool In SB Wins

Consistent winning at the highest level is never a guarantee, but these five years with Mahomes leading the way has been a streak of winning that most franchises never achieve.

There hasn’t been a time that Chiefs franchise player hasn’t played in an AFC championship game, with all five at home in the friendly confines of Arrowhead Stadium.

That’s one of the reasons Kelce feels his QB is on track to surpass Hall of Famer Joe Montana, who’s tied with another Hall of Famer and Pittsburgh Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw, both of whom have four SB wins. 

Of course Tom Brady has seven, a number that’ll probably never be duplicated. 

“I think Pat Mahomes is definitely going to find a way to get more than four championships,” said Kelce. “Hopefully I’m still along for the ride by the time he gets there.”

If Mahomes is to reach that number that Kelce is so confidently speaking of, he will have to get a couple of more with Andy Reid at the helm. His offensive mind gives Mahomes a ton of leeway to be himself and make plays all over the field. Kelce’s consistent and clutch playmaking will also be needed.

Secondly, it’s going to take a continued strong front office, which the Chiefs always have. 

In addition, Mahomes must avoid injuries, something he’s been able to do over his five years. In his career, he’s made 79 of 80 regular-season starts, and in the postseason he’s made all 14 starts in these games. His durability likely will afford him the opportunity to do so. 

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