Niners QB Trey Lance Is Soaking Up Game “Being Able To Be Around Patrick Mahomes”

The San Francisco 49ers are hoping this is the year that 2021 No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance takes the necessary steps to become the franchise quarterback they drafted him to be. In his first two seasons Lance hasn’t had many opportunities to showcase the talents that enamored the Niners coming out of North Dakota State.

Between not being ready and playing behind Jimmy Garoppolo in his rookie season, and then being injured in week two of his second year after being named the starter in the offseason, no one really knows what Lance can do. 

That’s what makes this season for him so vital, as Lance will need to show team brass that he’s the future in San Fran.

In an effort to help prepare for the 2023 season, where Lance will have to beat out last year’s darling at quarterback Brock Purdy and 2018 No.3 overall pick Sam Darnold, who signed with the team this offseason, Lance spent some time with two-time Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes this offseason. 

The two signal-callers got together in April in Dallas near Mahomes’ hometown. 

Lance Says Being Around Mahomes Was Awesome

Lance was thankful for his time with Mahomes, the two-time NFL MVP and two-time Super Bowl MVP, in a interview following an OTA session this week, Lance elaborated on his experience. 

“Being able to be around Patrick was awesome.”

“Just picking his brain, learning about just the type of guy he is, how he spends his free time, offseason, and then more about his in-season schedule.”

Lance is no dummy to be around someone as successful as Mahomes has been during his six-year NFL career. In five years as the starting quarterback of the Chiefs, Mahomes hasn’t missed the playoffs, has played in five consecutive AFC Championships, all in Arrowhead, advanced to three Super Bowls, winning two. He’s also been named to the Pro Bowl every season and an All-Pro three times. 

Mahomes Gave Lance Insight On How To Take Command Of The Offense 

While injured last season, Lance got the opportunity to watch how the other two Niners signal-callers operated the offense. And while he says he learned a lot, he also believes his time with Mahomes was good in that regard as well.

“I learned a ton,” Lance said. “I was able to focus on the right things. Just having a better idea, even better this year coming into year three of what is expected of me, how to run the offense, being able to watch Jimmy and Brock play at such a high level.”

Considering how things have gone in his first two years, Lance sounds positive and ready to compete for the starting QB position. The hope is he’s ready to assume the mantle after the team spent such a high draft pick on him. He could be the missing piece to a Super Bowl run in 2023.

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