“I Think He’s Got Steph Curry In Him” | NFL Insider Likens Alabama’s Bryce Young To NBA Superstar

As the 2023 NFL draft approaches there are going to be many comparisons of eligible draftees to current pro players. One player who’s going to be compared to different players from various sports is Alabama Crimson Tide star and former Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young.

Bryce Young, The NFL’s Steph Curry?

The dynamic signal-caller for the Crimson Tide has been compared to the likes of Patrick Mahomes for his wizardry in and out of the pocket. He’s also been likened to future Hall of Famer Drew Brees and Denver Broncos star Russell Wilson, because of his diminutive size and precision delivery of the football. 

While most of the comparisons are other NFL players, one NFL Insider’s comparison to Golden State Warriors superstar and four-time NBA champion Stephen Curry may have folks going, “huh?”

But that’s exactly what ESPN’s Mike Tannenbaum said on a recent episode of “Get Up.” The former NFL GM spoke very highly of Young and believes he’s got superstar written all over him. 

“He’s small, and I think he’s going to be an exception,” said Tannenbaum in reference to Young outperforming his measurables. “I think Todd McShay used this analogy first which is I think he’s got Steph Curry in him. I think he has really good short area of movement. I think he has really good flexibility. I think he’s going to be a great passer, not a good passer, and over the next three, five years, I think Bryce Young is going to be the better than Justin Fields.”

ESPN’s Mike Tannenbaum said that quarterback Bryce Young (right) reminds him of NBA star Stephen Curry (left) on a recent episode of “Get Up” (Photo: Getty Images)

“I think he has a chance to be really special because of what he can do down the field with his accuracy and Justin Fields’ game has some holes in it. I just think Bryce Young’s ceiling is higher than that of Justin Fields.”

Tannenbaum threw a little parting shot towards the Bears and the aforementioned Fields, as rumors have swirled that the Bears could trade Justin Fields and draft Young No. 1 overall. 

Bears Would Be Better Off Sticking With Fields

As much as Bryce Young’s skill set will more than likely “WOW” many teams during the process and on film, he’s also very small in stature, and playing in the cold, and at times, blustery Chicago may not bode too well for him. Young has never started a game where the weather was below 58 degrees. There’s no denying the talent is there, but we must also remember that Fields is dynamic in his own right, and had absolutely nothing to work with last season, and not once did he flinch or place blame on anyone else, and he very easily could’ve done so. 

While Tannenbaum and other analysts believe it’s in the Bears’ best interest to trade Fields and draft Young with the top overall selection, that decision rests with GM Ryan Poles, head coach Matt Eberflus and Kevin Warren, the new team president and CEO. And as of now every indication is they’re going to stick with Fields. 

Chicago Bears Are Sticking With Fields

And if the Bears are truly not sold on Fields after this season, they could still probably land a franchise guy in the 2024 NFL draft which is expected to have even more NFL-ready signal-callers than this draft, which has two in the aforementioned Young and Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud. After that it’s a real crapshoot at the position. 

Chicago Bears Need To Build Out Roster

Based on the Bears current roster, Fields is a much better fit, because his body at 6 feet 3 and nearly 230 pounds can withstand the pounding. As for Young, he’s a slight 5 feet 11 and 195 pounds, and while Young was able to hold up in the ultra-tough SEC, this is the NFL, and his body may not be able to withstand the beating as well. 

Size and measurables won’t matter if the Bears don’t fix their woeful offensive line and below-average playmakers. Something a trade of the top pick and keeping Fields could help with immensely. 

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