“I Said, ‘Joe, Just Leave Remy Ma’” | Mike Tyson Tried To Get With Remy Ma One Time And Offered Her a 500 Benz To Spend One Night

Mike Tyson has experienced life on a different plane, and now with the proliferation of current and former professional athletes speaking their own narratives, the stories that never saw the light are now unearthed.

On a recent episode of the “HOTBOXIN” podcast, Tyson hosted rapper Fat Joe with guest co-host radio personality Angie Martinez. Between Fat Joe revealing that Mike Tyson was willing to give him a million dollars based on a rumor that he was in financial trouble when Joe only wanted to get him in a music video, two unearthed an epic Tyson story.

“Mike invites me to the house, and he says bring Remy Ma with you. This is around ‘Lean Back’ or some sh*t like that. We go to the house, he opens the door butt naked — yo, Mike opens the door ass naked — I’m like, ‘Yo, Mike, what the f**k is up, bro? So he goes upstairs and comes back with a towel, and he says, ‘Nah, this is just boxing shit, you know boxing sh*t, we comfortable.’ I go, ‘Mike, could you put on some f**king clothes, “Iron” Mike?'”

“He takes me on a tour of the house. I’m not lying to you; every room I walked, there was a chick in every room; jacuzzi this, ‘Iron’ Mike, this guy lives a f**king life. So we sit down with him, we have dinner, we had the best time of our life, we was there.”

Then Mike continued, “I said Joe, just leave Remy Ma. She was upstairs; I was blocking her and she was like, ‘no, no.'”

Then Joe picked up the story.

“He wanted to keep Remy Ma, right, and he made offers like he showed us some convertible Benz new sh*t he was like, ‘You can keep this all you have to do is spend one night.’ She looked at me like, ‘Joe, if you don’t get me the f**k out this house, Joe.’ I was like, ‘Mike, we can’t do that, its my sister; she can’t do this.’ He was like, ‘Come on, Joe.’ He offered her some 500 Benz new sh*t.”

Tyson came with the disclaimer, especially since his wife might be listening.

“I had a wonderful time when you came to see me,” Tyson said, smiling. “This was when Remy and me were not married at the time.”

When Angie Martinez asked if he had a crush on Remy Ma, he responded that he just liked “busting her chops.”

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Tyson’s life has been chronicled in multiple ways, from his own stand-up commentary stage show, “Undisputed,” to the current series on Hulu, “Mike.” Tyson’s life has always been a real-life movie, from the heights of the boxing game when he became the world’s youngest heavyweight champion to the lows of prison time and drug addiction.

Fat Joe discussed many instances while the two were both rising in popularity where Tyson almost fought for him and Big Pun, and they partied together in the iconic ’90s NYC nightclub The Tunnel. Mike Tyson lives life like it’s his last, and as the stories come out the world realizes we have only heard a little bit.

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