“I Love Him, That’s My Guy” | Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen Says Situation With WR Stefon Diggs Overblown By Media

During their time together Buffalo Bills superstars Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs have become very close on and off the field. That was put to the test in last season’s AFC divisional playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

With the Bills’ offense sputtering at snowy Bills stadium, an agitated and frustrated Diggs could be seen yelling at Allen, who was looking at the previous set of downs on the sideline laptop. 

Diggs’ antics were caught on national television and have become the talk of the offseason in Buffalo. Things got even weirder when Diggs missed the first day of mandatory minicamp. During a recent appearance on “The Bussin’ With the Boys” podcast, Allen discussed the ongoing matter and mentioned the media made it much bigger than it really was. 

Allen Loves Diggs And Supports His Star WR

Since, Diggs arrival in 2020 the Buffalo offense and especially Allen have gotten better. Allen knows Diggs has made him a better QB, and when asked about Diggs he had nothing but love for him. 

“I love him. That’s my guy. The media has blown this so far out of proportion. We are in rookie or minicamp. We’re not playing a game for four months. He doesn’t show up for one day. He’s still there. Coach asked him to go home. They’re in talks. They’re trying to resolve some things. It wasn’t anything major. And the media blew it up. They’re still talking about it. Let it go. There’s no reason to continue talking about it.”

Sean McDermott Amped The Situation?

We get what Allen is saying, but Bills head coach Sean McDermott is to blame for it being a bigger story than it really is. At the time, McDermott told reporters he was “very concerned” by Diggs’ absence. He attempted to clean up his comments the next day, but by then the damage was done. 

Rumors swirled that Diggs, who’s the fifth-highest-paid pass catcher in the NFL at $24 million per season, was upset over money. Other rumors suggested Diggs was still really upset with Allen about the playoff loss, and lack of touches, which unfortunately has become Diggs’ MO in playoff games. Allen says all is well, so we’ll take his word for it until we see or hear differently. 

Diggs Has Been Great Since Arriving In Buffalo

Since his arrival to Buffalo in 2020, Diggs has been dynamite. The former fifth-round pick out of Maryland has 338 receptions for 4,189 yards and 29 touchdowns. 

Those numbers over that time frame rival the best in the league with season averages of nearly 113 receptions for 1,400 yards and ten paydirt touches. 

Diggs is big time, no doubt, but less pouting and complaining and more playoff production is what the Bills need. 

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