“I Can Text Steph, I Can Text Klay” | Jordan Poole Says Relationship With Splash Brothers Is Solid Despite Rumors, Trade To Wizards

The Golden State Warriors shocked most when they decided to trade rising star Jordan Poole for aging veteran Chris Paul on NBA draft day.

The move signaled that the Warriors value Paul’s leadership and veteran presence over Poole’s upside as they look to still compete for championships as their core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green enter into the twilight of their Hall of Fame careers. While the move came nearly three weeks ago, Poole had yet to comment until last week. 

Maybe he was still in a state of shock, which he says he wasn’t because he thought it might happen. Or could it have been the fact that deals weren’t finalized until July 6, because of the collective bargaining agreement? That sounds more like it, Poole was waiting for things to be official before he commented on it. Now that he’s officially a member of the always rebuilding Washington Wizards, the former Michigan star who played a vital role in the Warriors’ 2022 title run is now speaking. 

During an interview at the Las Vegas Summer League, Poole spoke candidly about a few things. 

Poole Says Trade Won’t Affect Relationship With Steph And Klay

After playing behind the Splash Brothers (Curry and Thompson), Poole will now have the opportunity to lead a Wizards team in search of a different look after finally trading star guard Bradley Beal to the Phoenix Suns. Despite the trade, Poole still considers the “Splash Brothers” his brothers. 

“I can text Steph, I can text Klay. I can text all of them and just have a conversation,” Poole told reporters. “That doesn’t leave. That doesn’t go anywhere. If anything, I just know the plays that they run — split-actions and high-ball screens. Competitive advantage.”

Steph and Klay were mentors for the talented Poole, and although he’s now on a different coast he still thinks highly of the two Warriors legends.

Poole Not Entertaining Draymond Punch Questions

While, Poole was also pretty open to answering just about all the questions sent his way, he was very diplomatic in his words as it pertained to the Draymond Green punch question. Poole was intent on not falling for the bait of a question about that infamous moment, that in many ways ruined the Warriors season before it began. He instead opted to talk about his new team and teammate Kyle Kuzma. 

“I’m in Washington now,” Poole told reporters last week. “Playing with Kyle Kuzma, great duo. Being able to really flourish, expand our game. New team, an entirely new group of guys. It’s a challenge that we’re up for. There’s a new front office and there’s a lot of people who are invested. Everybody’s locked in, wants to be here. It’s the start of something we think can be special.”

The Wizards likely won’t compete for much more than a play-in spot at best, but for Wizards fans the Poole and Kuzma duo should be fun to watch.

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